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Eye At The DMV

Monday, February 6 2017 Views: 81


[WARNING: Death, body mutilation]
I’m at the DMV with a friend.  Some bullies steal her eye, and I am determined to steal it back for her.  If I don’t hurry, it will be too late.
I burst into the bathroom, which is where they took and guard the eye.  The guy guarding the eye, who’s friends with the bully that took it from my friend in the first place, tells me it’s in one of the toilets.  He has a triumphant air about him, like I’ve already been defeated.  I get the sense that because the eye is in the toilet, he thinks I won’t fish it out.
I shove past the guard and search the stalls.  In the third stall in, I find the eyeball at the bottom of the toilet bowl.  Without hesitation I reach in and grab it, then promptly leave the bathroom.  The guard is to shocked that I reached into a public toilet to stop me.
All is not won, however.  The eye is beyond repair.  Its red mesh outside is ripping and dissolving away.  The iris is falling apart.  The whole thing deflates and turns to goo before I can even walk up to my friend.  I give it back to her, but with a heavy heart.  “I’m sorry,” I say with great sorrow and weight, “I failed.”
Because my friend didn’t get her eye back in time, she dies.  Everyone around town has heard about her passing, and knows that someone lead to her death by failing to bring back her eye in time.  They do not, however, know that it’s me.  I’m the secret pariah that everyone talks about, but no one knows the identity of.  I have to live with this guilt, and keep it hidden to keep from being hated by everyone.  
I have two carts at the grocery store, Su-Store.  One is outside where I left it a long time ago, before eye incident.  Everyone knows this cart belongs to whoever failed to save the girl, and eagerly wait for the owner to reveal themselves by taking it.  
I walk my other cart outside, past the full cart I refuse to admit is mine.  I pass by Will Graham, and ride the cart like a scooter to the SUV.  Will happens to be parked next to me, and follows me to the cars.  He asks me, “Want help with that?” with a nod to my groceries.
“If you want to,” I answer.  He helps me pack my grocery bags into the SUV, and we get along cutely.
I decide it’s time to claim the abandoned cart.  I hope that Will won’t mind, since he’s not from here maybe he isn’t so deep in the drama and rumors.  As soon as I walk the cart up to the cars, though, I can tell that he’s suspicious of who I am.  Miraculously, he doesn’t seem to mind. [End]

Relative to Real Life~
Night of February 6th, 2017 (3 of 3)
Real-life characters: Will Graham (NBC’s Hannibal).
Dream-created characters: Friend, bullies, bully’s guard friend, town folk.
Real-life places: DMV, Su-Store.
Dream-created places: Bathroom.
Different than real life: I’ve never had to retrieve someone’s eye, losing an eye will usually not result in someone’s death, no one has offered to help me with groceries before- particularly Will Graham.  
Reoccurring: No.
Precognitive: No experiences yet.

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