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Spit in Trashcan

Wednesday, February 22 2017 Views: 47


I’m in Walmart, pushing my cart along the back wall toward the electronics section.  I have something nasty in my mouth that I really want to spit up, but because of the flow of shoppers, I miss the trashcan nearest me.  The next closest one is in the center of the electronics area.  I manage to pull the cart around a corner and leave it there while I dash for the trashcan.  I spit whatever was in my mouth out and into the can.  Thankfully a lot of other people have been spitting their blue gum in this can, including three or four people standing around the can at the same time I am.  Whatever was in my mouth looks like blue gum, other than it not being as solid and stuck together as actual gum.  It at least makes my spitting less conspicuous.
The electronics section is now a clothing store in a mall that doesn’t have a main walkway- it’s just a bunch of stores connected to one another one after the other.  I try to find my way back to the cart, but I keep getting turned around.  I lose Mom and try to find her.  As I search, I pass by Samantha and her boyfriend multiple times.  I also pass by Pierce at some point too, and ponder about how long it has been since I’ve seen him.  I approach a doorway which I realize leads out of the mall, and turn around to avoid exiting.  Before I do, however, I notice Mrs. Kale standing in the doorway.  She watches me with a look akin to pity.
I end up stepping into one of the store’s dressing rooms- more to get out from under Mrs. Kale’s stare if anything.  I change into a Jane Doe Life is Strange shirt, the color peach.  After I step out, I finally find Mom.  I stretch the shirt so it lays on me better. [continued]

Relative to Real Life~
Day of February 22nd, 2017 (2 of 2) (part 1 of 2)
Real-life characters: Mom, Samantha, Samantha’s boyfriend, Pierce.
Dream-created characters: Other shoppers, people spitting gum in the trash can.
Real-life places: Walmart.
Dream-created places: Mall.
Different than real life: I haven’t seen Sam in person in many years- and I’ve never seen her boyfriend in person, I haven’t seen Pierce in many years, Walmart doesn’t have that many trashcans, I’ve never been in a mall that doesn’t have a central hallway.
Reoccurring: No.
Precognitive: No experiences yet.

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