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Sprinkler Life Support

Lucid Intent
Thursday, February 23 2017 Views: 61


I’m in a big, old, mostly empty house- fighting through enemies For Honor style.  I take the shields of the people I kill and collect them as I go.  The enemies with small, round shields are tougher to kill than the ones with big, rectangular shields.
Mom and me are fighting as I fight through the house.  Once we make it outside, the face of the building we were in comes crumbling down- killing most of the opposition that are outside.  The building is so fragile that just a bird landing on it will cause another face slide.
Me and Mom continue down the road to the left where we come across Travis, sitting in a hole on the edge of the path.  He is hooked up to the water sprinkler system.  The water line injects into his hip, as some kind of life support.  I try to cuddle him without causing him pain.  I kiss him, but have a hard time because something about the water he’s taking intravenously is making him look just like Dad.  I have to close my eyes tight.
We put are foreheads together.  Part of me knows this is a dream and that Travis looking like Dad is something I need to just get around.
I leave him to help Mom with something that involves drills.  She has three drills, and wants me to put them away. [End]

Relative to Real Life~
Day of February 23rd, 2017
Real-life characters: Mom, Travis, “Dad”.
Dream-created characters: Enemies.
Real-life places: None.
Dream-created places: House/building, path.
Reasons: For Honor = I’ve been playing this game lately.
Different than real life: I haven’t seen Travis in years, I no longer have romantic feelings toward Travis.
Reoccurring: No.
Precognitive: No experiences yet.
Notes: This dream is partially lucid.
Notes: (3-8-17) Travis looking like Dad, and me trying to ignore it, is probably a symbol of how I saw a lot of the negative aspects of my father repeated in Travis- and instead of leaving him, I tried to ignore it and still have a relationship with someone I knew wasn’t good for me.

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