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Not a Shortcut

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[WARNING: Mention of sexual violence but not graphically depicted]
Me and Mom are in the living room taking down Valentine’s decorations.  The living room is much larger than normal, and is full of holiday bins.  She wanted to fill a ceramic square love dish full of candy for the holiday, but now that Valentine’s day has passed she missed the opportunity.  She’s bummed about it.  
After I take down the wreath, I plan on filling the dish full of candy and leaving it out- even if it’s not the season anymore.  The boxes get shuffled, so the dish is no longer on top.  I find it again eventually.
Mom pulls out fine-tipped markers from the box- which registers as what we were going for.  They remind me of makers I had when I was little.  I find out now that they’re apparently really expensive markers.  I also find some dry-erase markers in a tray in a bin nearby.
I notice a group of my friends standing nearby, watching a video.  They egg me over to watch it too.  The video is of two of our friends, a guy and a girl that are dating.  They’re learning some dance moves.  I’ve seen this video before- so I know how it ends.  The girl slips and ends up falling on her rear.  It’s good for a laugh, but the video seems to take forever to get to that point.
The video starts out in their kitchen, but changes to the library at school halfway through.  She still hasn’t tripped yet, so I decide to give up and focus on my project.  We are actually now in the library ourselves.
I listen to the teacher’s presentation, and watch the slides on the projector.  Darel, who sits next to me, mutters something.  I look at him and see he’s looking at me- as though what he said was to me.
“What did you say?” I ask quietly.
He repeats what he said- some kind of joke about peeing.  The presentation is over and we are both standing up and collecting our things as he finishes the joke.  Right before he says the punch line, I realize what it is going to be.  
The whole time the joke was in the tense that it happened to a friend of his, but since I’ve heard this joke before I know that’s not the case.  I call him out on it playfully, but he denies just as playfully back- insisting his friend really did do whatever it was.  I smack his arm and stomach lightly, teasingly, still trying to get him to admit it was a joke he heard and not something that happened to his friend.  I say that I’m sure my brother told me the same joke before.  
He says that he’s sure that’s not the case, because he’s sure my brother didn’t ask me out at the end of the joke.  “Which, I’m going to.  You want to go out with me tonight?”
My stomach flips.  He holds out his hand.  I smile, probably a goofy smile, and shake his hand in agreement.  The touch feels so warm and soft.  He tells me to think about where we should go as he walks away.
I exit out the side doors of the school and stand outside.  It’s raining- but I don’t mind.  Everything feels amazing.
Hannah comes outside and stands nearby.  She seems troubled.  Once she sees me, she asks me for a ride home.  I accept, and ask her if she’s okay.
As we head back into the school and I lead the way to my locker- which I need to stop by before we can go- she tells me that she’s fine, other than getting burned on her hip today.  I’m quite baffled at this answer but she doesn’t elaborate.  
We end up following Adam and another guy up a small staircase which I think is a shortcut to our lockers.  It ends up leading to a metal fire-escape staircase outside, on the side of the building.  Me and Hannah still follow, assuming we’re heading the right way.
A stretch of the metal stairs is covered in dried oregano.  It’s odd to me, but it’s too late to turn back now.
We reach the very top of the stairs, only five or so feet away from the rooftop.  Adam and his friend jump across a gap between the stairs and the rooftop, and Hannah follows.  Adam and the guy have to catch her and lift her since she couldn’t quite make it all the way up.
I refuse to follow.  I realize, finally, that we’re not going where we needed to be.  This wasn’t a short cut at all.  This is a drug deal location- happening up on the roof.
After Adam, the guy, and Hannah disappear from my view past the roof’s ledge, Hannah starts to scream in agony.  I shout to her- but there’s nothing else I can do from where I am.
Suddenly she’s back at the edge, trying to climb down the partial ladder that extends only three or so feet past the edge.  She wants to be down the rungs so she is closer to the stairs to jump across the gap.  It’s raining- however- and the metal is slippery.  She slips.  I catch her by her clothes and keep her pinned to the ladder.  I tell her to push away from the ladder with all her might toward the stairs, and that I’ll guider her to safety.  She manages, and I haul her over the railing.
We run as fast as we can down the stairs the way we came, and crawl back into the vents that we had to crawl through before.  I’m ahead of her.  I crawl through the oregano, which I now realize is pot.
When I hear voices, I stop and signal to Hannah to stop as well.  I spot a police woman walking b y with her police dog through a gap in the vent that we crawl through.  I can see the dog and the woman’s legs clearly since the vent we’re in is on the ground.
The dog smells me.  I stay in a bend in the vent, at the U turn before the long stretch of vent that leads to the exit.  If the officer looks in from the out, she won’t be able to see me.  
She looks in.  Instead of seeing me, she notices that the vent itself is fake, and through this figures that it’s a drug passage.  She wants to open the vents up and see what’s inside.
I burst out before she and the team of officers suddenly here can open the vents up.  I grab onto Olivia, who I trust won’t incarcerate me or Hannah when I tell her the truth.  Hannah and some others do get arrested however, after the other officers open the vents and find them inside.  I beg Olivia to believe that Hannah is innocent, too.  I tell her that she’s hurt, that she needs help.  I try to explain what happened, but Olivia tells me to say nothing else.  I don’t understand- I want to tell her it was an accident that me and Hannah were there, that we don’t have anything to do with the drugs.
Later, I hear one of the EMTs say that Hannah had a massive head injury, “…but not in her upper head, if you know what I mean.”  It’s enough for me to know that her privates were brutally mutilated and I suddenly feel very ill that I didn’t notice before- that I didn’t guess from the horrid scream- that I didn’t help her more as we were running away. [End]

Relative to Real Life~
Day of February 26th, 2017
Real-life characters: Mom, Darel, Hannah, Adam, Olivia Benson (Law and Order: Special Victims Unit).
Dream-created characters: Friends, couple in the video, teacher, other students, guy with Adam, woman officer, police dog, other officers, EMTs.
Real-life places: Living room, school’s doors.
Dream-created places: Library, classroom, places shown in the video, hallways, school interior, metal staircase, rooftop, vents.
Reasons: Dry-Erase markers = I need dry-erase markers and need to put them on the list to get at the store.
Different than real life: My living room isn’t that big, we haven’t put up the Valentine’s decorations yet, Mom didn’t have the desire to put out candy in a Valentine’s dish, those fine tipped markers from my past weren’t expensive, we don’t have that many bins and not in our living room, I haven’t been in a class environment since I graduated high school in 2011, I haven’t seen Darel since we graduated together, Darel rarely talked to me and never asked me out, I’ve never met Hannah in person, I’ve never hidden in a vent to avoid police, Hannah has never had anything like this happen to her as far as I know.
Reoccurring: No.
Precognitive: No experiences yet.

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