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Enemies Blocking The Roof Bridges

Monday, February 27 2017 Views: 45


I’m in an area that’s wide open to the sky, and looks like a kind of medieval fort/city.  It all feels very much like I’m playing a video game.  The city very fancy and advanced for its ancient age.  The area I need to reach is high up on a cliff, and the only way up to is is via a network of thin bridges that connect the rooftops of some of the buildings.  
Each of the buildings have giant monsters on them.  I die several times trying to fight them head-on.  Finally, after so many respawns, I decide to try the stealth approach and sneak past them.  
I manage to get past the first elephant-sized monster rooftop, but the second large monster patrols one of the thin bridges.  I think I’d be able to stay in its blind spot undetected easily if it weren’t for the flat, hard shelled creature that tags along behind it.  It’s about the size of a coffee table, and the symbols on its back illuminate pink when it starts to detect my presence.  I have to stay out of its line of sight, but it proves harder to do than say as the thing turns around sharply, looking for me.
Eventually it spots me.  I kill it easily, but the big monster ahead takes notice.  I know that this means the monster I sneaked past will also be drawn to the commotion, and I’ll be cornered and killed.
In a desperate attempt to make it to the cliff, I run between the monster’s legs and barely manage to not fall off the path in the process.  Once I set foot on the cliff area, I feel safe- like if I die, I’ll at least respawn here instead of clear back at the beginning of the rooftops.  
The enemies here number even more than the rooftops, however.  Just to be sure I won’t have to start all over, I run with all my might past the enemies toward a door with a holographic, white, floating check mark that hovers outside of a door.  That check mark is the symbol of a check point, and will save my progress.  When I run into it, I am automatically let through the door.  The enemies don’t reach me in time to stop me, and can’t pass through the door themselves.
I am now Bilbo Baggins, and I am accompanied by a friend.  As I step into this new area, I’m suddenly lunged at by a dog.  The dog almost bites me, but he’s held back only inches from me via a chain.
After that initial scare, I’m able to look around at our surroundings.  This area is just a ledge that runs on the outside of the castle of the city.  The wall of the castle is on the left, and on the right the ledge drops off steeply down an insanely tall cliff.
The castle’s wall has three large knights of armor with morning stars built in.  The knights stand at least fifteen feet tall.  Turning the handle of the morning stars cause the chain holding the ball of the star to draw in and then push out- leaving indents where the stars hit the wall and ground.  Once this is done, however, part of the wall lifts and lowers in a trap that I think I need to climb and roll through to get to the next area.  Before I get the chance to even try, the wall stops moving.
I deduce that there’s a secret door hiding behind one of the knights of armor.  I check the panel I’m nearest, and my companion says he’ll check behind the dog.  I scoff and say everyone always thinks the secret door is behind the guard dog- but all they end up doing is getting bitten.  
He doesn’t heed what I’m saying, and is already sneaking around the dog to check.  The dog spots him and growls.  My companion growls back, half German Shepard himself.  The dog backs down.  Of course, he finds the secret door. [continued]

Relative to Real Life~
Day of February 27th, 2017 (part 1 of 2)
Real-life characters: Bilbo Baggins (as played by Martin Freeman in The Hobbit movies).
Dream-created characters: Monsters, companion.
Real-life places: None.
Dream-created places: Fort/city, castle, cliff, rooftops, bridges, cliff ledge outside castle wall.
Reoccurring: No.
Precognitive: No experiences yet.

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