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Child Statues

Tuesday, March 14 2017 Views: 169


[WARNING: Disturbing violence, blood, death]
A woman and two men named Joe and Jake are in the living room, hiding from an elite force that is out to kill them.  They’re all that’s left of what was once a larger group of rebels.  All of the lights are off, and their only source of light is the lightning flashes coming through the windows.
The house is surrounded by statues of children.  They circle the house in a single row and stand about four feet apart.  The rain that is drizzling down soaks the concrete figures and spatters against the window.
Jake has left to keep watch outside.  Joe opens the curtains, but the woman argues they should be closed to offer them more cover.  He argues that they’ll have better visibility to see the enemy approaching with them open, but concedes that staying cloaked is more important.  He closes them, then decides to open them again.  The woman is confused as to why until she looks outside herself.
She spots children standing between the child statues.  These children are undoubtedly real, however, and here to kill.  The woman desperately tries to pretend she didn’t see the little girl who stares directly at her.  All is silent except for the pattering of rain on the window.
She tries to tell Joe to warn Jake, but when she looks Joe is gone.  When she turns her head back toward the window, she finds the little girl is now directly outside the glass.  Her face is less than inches away from the woman’s, with only a windowpane between them.  The woman refuses to meet her eye, filled with fear.
This little girl shows no emotion on her face as she unblinkingly stares at the woman’s face.  She can control other’s movement telekinetically.  She forces the woman to lift her hand.
The woman sobs and tries to fight against the movement, but it’s no use.
The little girl forces the woman to shove her own hand down her throat.  She gags and sobs as she chocks on her own hand.  Her panicked, tearful eyes catch on Joe- who is tangled in the curtains near their top.  He is dead, his throat sliced.  Blood pours down the window, and mixes with the streams of rain running down the glass.  [End]

Relative to Real Life~
Day of March 14th, 2017 (3 of 3)
Real-life characters: None.
Dream-created characters: Woman, elite force of murderous children, other rebels, Joe, Jake, little girl.
Real-life places: My living room.
Dream-created places: None.
Different than real life: I don’t have a ring of child statues positioned around my house.
Reoccurring: No.
Precognitive: No experiences yet.

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