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Castiel Painting

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I’m mining sand on a Minecraft beach.  It turns into a party for my brother in Dad’s yard.  His mean friends show up before the party is set up.  My brother is still trying to build [real life style, not Minecraft style build] the fire pit and the stone patio around it.  The sand that is laid out for the patio is all piled up still rather than packed down for the stones. 
It all turns into a video game where all of us are out to kill one another.  I’m really good, killing npc enemies and players alike with my larger than life Samurai sword.
We’re inside now.  Suddenly I lose my sword, however, and engage in a fight with my aunt.  All I have to fight with is a mechanical pencil that I find on a coffee table.  Mom keeps handing me the lead that goes in the pencil as though it’s important and I’ll need it for it to be an efficient weapon.  I know either way it’s a freaking pencil that I’m going to have to fight for my life with- so the lead is irrelevant.  Her handing me the lead is actually getting in the way of my fighting and causing a problem if anything.  I toss the lead that I’m passed into my aunt’s face rather than try to put it in my pencil.  It distracts my aunt and gets the point across to Mom that I don’t need any more lead.
Me and my aunt end up locked together as we try to stab each other.  She tries to stab me with a pen, and I try to stab her with my pencil.  I at some point ask Mom what happened to my sword as me and my aunt are entangled as we are, and she tells me I dropped it.  In this game, if you drop something and don’t pick it up immediately, it’ll disappear and be lost forever.
I manage to get a few good stabs into my aunt around her collar bones.  All of the stabs are aimed downward as that’s the only angle I can get, so none of them are lethal.  This game suddenly starts to feel a lot less like a game with how realistic this stabbing feels.  Too real.  I don’t like it.  It kind of makes me sick.
After fighting my aunt I end up fighting Granny.  She’s serious about getting me- she really really wants to beat me, kill me.  I don’t really want to kill again now that it’s realistic, so I change tactic.  Instead of fighting, I evade.  I maintain distance by keeping furniture between us in the living room we end up in.  Most of the furniture in here is chairs, as well as a singular sofa.
The fight ends abruptly.  Artwork catches my eye hanging up on a fence between the yard and the neighbor’s yard.  I look at one of the paintings in particular.  It really moves me.  I step closer to it so I can see it clearer.
The stunning oil painting is of Dean and Cas.  Cas is in the painting three times in an identical, forward-facing, mid-step pose.  The copies of Cas are positioned near the upper right corner, center, and near lower left corner.  Dean’s position is overlapping the center Castiel.  He is laying down, possibly dead.  It feels like a statement of the true length of time Castiel has been alive, and how Dean is but a blip in his existence.  
I am so moved by the painting that I’m near tears.  Granny tries to talk to me about it, saying it’s supposed to be about Angels as though she knows more about it than I do and wants to explain it to me.  She doesn’t recognize Cas, because the painting is kind of abstract.  It’s easy for me to recognize him thanks to the familiar lines of this coat and tie.  [End]

Relative to Real Life~
Day of April 29th, 2017
Real-life characters: Brother, aunt, Mom, Granny. 
Dream-created characters: Brother’s friends. 
Real-life places: Dad’s yard.
Dream-created places: Living room, area by fence, neighbor’s yard.  
Different than real life: It’s been nearly two years since I’ve been in my dad’s yard, I haven’t talked to my brother in several years, there isn’t a fire pit and laid stone patio in my dad’s yard as far as I know, I don’t own a giant samurai sword, I’ve never stabbed someone with a pencil, I’ve never seen a painting of Cas and Dean like the one in this dream. 
Reoccurring: No.
Precognitive: No experiences yet.

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