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Kidnapped Rue

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I’m in a hospital when an emergency strikes.  Everyone needs to evacuate.  Instead of running myself, I help get people out.
I find a woman who is crying, hysterically asking, “How am I ever going to find her again?”  I ask her who she’s talking about, and she tells me that she grew attached to a little girl while here in this hospital.  The little girl looks just like Rue from The Hunger Games.
I now take the place of the woman, as though I am her- only I remain myself.  I’m now the one desperate to find Rue.
I have an idea of who has taken her, and plan on tracking them down to find her.  They arrive just as I reach the parking lot.  I see Rue in the back seat of their jeep.  She looks- disappointed.  She glances at me and shakes her head.
The men jump out of the jeep and swarm toward me.  They’re here to kill me so I will stop looking for Rue.  I’m apparently the only one looking for her, and the only thing standing in their way of taking her cleanly.
I fight with the main guy, and manage to hold my own.  I take out half of his group before the leader jumps back into his jeep and tries to run off.  
With the fight finally broke, I scream for help.  I run back inside to get help with the worry that no one is hearing my screams from inside.  I expect a hospital reception area, but I find a clothing store instead.  After getting over being a bit jarred from the unexpected scenery, I find an employee that’s helping a man put on shoes.  I tell her to call the cops and tell them a man in a jeep just kidnapped a little girl.
I run back outside and see the jeep hasn’t left the parking lot yet, but it’s on its way.  I manage to catch up to it and jump onto the back.  I cling to the back door of the jeep and stay on the outside.  I use the handle of the rear driver-side door as a grip and try to duck back behind the tail gate low enough that the leader won’t see me in his mirrors.  
I’m confident the driver can’t see me, but I know other people driving will.  This is exactly what I need.  When other driver see me hanging off of this jeep they’ll call the police and the cops will get here sooner.
The man does see me, though.  Instead of leaving the parking lot where we’ll be noticed, he circles the parked cars.  He speeds up and slams on his breaks to try and shake me off.  I barely manage to hold on.  
Eventually he speeds up and stops so sharply that I am flung into the jeep, into the passenger seat.  I settle into the seat and look back to Rue in the back.  I promise her that I’ll take him out and save her.
“I doubt she wants that.  Rue is my friend, or so I thought,” the man says calmly.
“I am,” Rue confirms solidly.
I’m confused.  I ask her quietly, privately, if she wants me to kill him.  
She hesitates before saying, “Yes.”
The man drives us past the river’s overpass.
Quietly still, I ask her if she’s telling me yes because it’s what I want to her, or if it’s true.
She hesitates again.
I tell her it’s okay either way.  I want to know what makes her happy.
She tells me she likes the man and enjoys living with him and his group.
The man, having not heard me and Rue’s conversation, continues to try to convince me that this is what Rue wants.  “She is happy with me-”
“I agree,” I say, leaving the man stunned.  “I just asked her.  I was so caught up in getting her back, I didn’t think about what she wanted.”
He drives to his hideout down an alleyway.  Rue goes inside the metal door up the metal steps first.  Me and the man stay outside.  I want to give him a set of keys, and nearly pass over all of my keys by mistake.  I catch myself, though, and pass over only the two keys I want to give him after I take them off the rings.  One key runs the truck, another opens the back hatch.  
I kiss the keys before passing them over to him.  I’m very emotional to be losing Rue.  I know Granny is going to be devastated, since Rue was like Sassy to her. [End]

Relative to Real Life~
Day of April 30th, 2017 (1 of 2)
Real-life characters: Rue (The Hunger Games movies/novels), “Granny”, “Sassy”. 
Dream-created characters: People that need saving in the hospital, crying woman, men in jeep, leader guy, woman working at the clothing store, other drivers.
Real-life places: River overpass. 
Dream-created places: Hospital, hospital parking lot, clothing store, jeep, alleyway, man’s hideout.
Different than real life: I’ve never been in a hospital that needed to evacuate, I’ve never had to report a kidnapping thankfully.
Reoccurring: No.
Precognitive: No experiences yet.

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