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Difficult to Give My Number

Wednesday, May 31 2017 Views: 54


It’s night time, and I’m outside in the back yard.  I walk around the north side of the house and see some of the construction guys that have been working around here lately are leaving.  They both seem like good guys, but I like the younger one more.  I say bye to them.
The older guy comes back from his truck instead of leaving.  He says, “I shouldn’t have left without saying bye, I’m sorry.  I like you, and I was wondering if you wanted to do something tomorrow?”  A lot of it is mumbled, but I get the picture.
I say yes.  We then ride in his truck to his dorm or apartment.  An old man is driving us, and he is proud the guy got the nerve to ask me out.  The young boy is also in the truck with us, and feels like he lost out on his opportunity.
The guy who asked me turns into a dog.  When we get to our destination, I kiss the dog on the forehead, but it feels weird.  It’s not the same as kissing him as a human, which is what I wanted to do.
As he goes inside, I spot an orange haired girl through one of the windows next door to his apartment/dorm.
I realize that I didn’t give him my number so we could meet up for our date tomorrow.  I try to find a paper to write it down.  I go through the drawers to a vanity that is outside on the sidewalk next to me.  I find paper- but it all already has writing on it.  I struggle.
He comes back out later and I’ve been standing here two hours at least trying to figure out a way to leave my number.  He thinks I’m kind of a freak for it.
The setting around the vanity by the sidewalk is now outside the school.  Landra tries to tell me about her hard life, while I still try to find a blank piece of paper to write my number on.  The bell rings, but I don’t care about getting to class on time.  I have to do this first.  Landra leaves.
After school I end up standing with Travis, Cory, Mary, and Kevin.  The setting is now outside of Walmart.  Kevin and Travis try to get me to tell the story about camp that I refuse to tell again, since I’ve already told it a thousand times already.  I guess that’s all they wanted from me, because they push my shopping cart out into traffic.  I have to avoid the cars passing by to retrieve it.  By the time I get back, they’re all gone.  
I follow where I figure they went, which is around the corner of Walmart to the students’ parking lot [actual high school’s parking lot].  I pass by Rose, and in my attempt to ignore her, I accidentally pass my car.  I backtrack to my car, say hello to it, and get in the front seat.
Rose climbs in the back.
I turn back and look at her, baffled.  She has a giant art folder that reaches from the floorboard to the ceiling, blocking out the back window.
“You’re giving me a ride,” she declares.
“/Me?/  Are you serious?” I retort.
We have a stare down, and eventually she gives in and moves to leave.  I tell her to stop, however.  I say I’ll just take her wherever she needs to go.
I ask her where her house is, because I don’t remember anymore. [End]

Relative to Real Life~
Night of May 31st, 2017
Real-life characters: Landra, Mary, Cory, Travis, Kevin, Rose.
Dream-created characters: Construction guys, man who drives, girl with orange hair.
Real-life places: Home, Walmart parking lot, school’s parking lot.
Dream-created places: Truck, apartment/dorm building.
Different than real life: I haven’t talked to the construction guys that have been around, I haven’t talked to Mary Cory Rose nor Travis since we graduated high school together in 2011, I haven’t talked to Kevin nor Landra in a a few years, the school parking lot is nowhere near Walmart.
Reoccurring: No.
Precognitive: No experiences yet.

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