Killings and robberies

Date of dream: Tuesday, March 17, 2009

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Lucid Intent? No    

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So I'm sitting at my computer in my room and then I have a strange feeling that someone is stealing stuff in our house. I get out and look at that guy that was hanging in our house. As I observe him, it appears that he IS indeed stealing stuff from our house and taking it out through the front door and the window. I start to scream "THIEF THIEF" and the thief looks frightened. I go to my room to discover that more stuff has been gone, including my computer, my old phone, my gamepad and other stuff. I go to the front door to see that all of the stolen stuff is stacked near the front door ready to be picked up and taken away by the thief.

As I pursue him yelling THIEF at him he runs to the balcony and locks himself up in it, getting ready to climb out of the window. The random woman that was standing at the balcony said to me "Well, looks like he got scared of you and ran away without staling anything."


**PART 2**

So now I'm in the same house, but now It's me who needs to kill everyone there and steal all the stuff. I enter the kitchen and see some woman sitting there. I grab the nearset kitchen knife and stab her in the throat. She looks at me horrified and starts to fall down.

Then I enter another room, which appears to be someone's bedroom, where some guy, apparently her son, is sleeping. I grap another knife and stab him through the blanket and he slowly dies. I go back to the kitchen to find the woman lying on the floor and choking on her blood in pain. She uses her last strength to throw a blue towel at me before dieing. I slowly dodge it and part of me tell me "what have I done?", but another part tells me that it's my mission and I needed to do this.


**PART 3**

Now there's more people in the same house who are taking the stuff away to the nearby van, which is parked near the window. I also grab some stuff and climb out of it. I put it inside the van and try to climb there myself, but having some troubles. Then I wake up.

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