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Date of dream: Friday, June 11, 2004

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This Journal is going off of commission, you want to read my dreams...find them through other sources

It isn't right...it's not him

Date of dream: Saturday, April 24, 2004

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I had a few interesting dreams after my phone call with Sammantha early this morning. I thought I'd end up dreaming about her because her voice was the last one I heard before I crashed back to sleep but I didn't dream of her.

I was with a man, he was large, and well sculpted, what I guess could be known as my "dream" man. we were together, but I knew something was wrong. Something didn't feel right. We were talking about our plans, what we were going to do together.

He came over to the bed that I was sitting on, and the scenes flipped, he was on top of me, touching me, and we were about to have sex. But somewhere in the back of my mind it didn't feel right, it didn't feel like it was supposed to be happening.

He was beautiful, intelligent, and we had a future, but I didn't want it.

I started to fight him and say "no, you're not him" "it's supposed to be him"

Everything froze and came to a complete stop, but he was still covering me. I remember resting my hands on his back and it didn't feel normal, it felt almost rubber. He was completely still, and everything around us was completely silent. I was trapped under his weight, struggling against him, but he wasn't moving. I just kept thinking things along the lines of "not right..it isn't right..it's not him. This shouldn't be happening. I want him"

Throughout the dream I never said who him was, I just kept repeating it though as I struggled against him.

I was submerged in water then, I could see the air leaving my lungs in big bubbles as I was sinking. I was letting myself sink. My arms were splayed at my side and my body was lax, like what you see in the movies when someone is shot and they fall into the water and just let themselves fall. I kept thinking as I sunk that I had done something wrong, that some how something had changed, and it wasn't right, because it wasn't him.

I woke up to dad coming in telling me mom wanted to know if I wanted to go today or tomorrow to go eat chinese.

Additional Comments:

I'm not sure exactly hwy I would dream something like this but I do know who him is. Throughout the dream I was confronted by this feeling that what I had wasn't what I really wanted, but some how there wasn't anything else. I knew it wasn't right, but I couldn't figure out why, because there wasn't an alternative.
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  • A Trinity a Spirit and a dog walk into a bar and...

    Date of dream: Monday, April 19, 2004

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    Of all the people to invade my dreams I welcome the dream master in.

    I had a very misguided and disorrienting dream about Trinity, Spirit, J and "hunters".

    The scenario kept shifting over and over. It started with me going down a road, which seems to be a commn theme when I dream any more, I'm always going down a road, and when I reach my destination it starts over.

    After about 10 restarts I make it to where I was going. It was this little white house in the suburbs around here. Kinda rundown looking and small on the outside, but huge on the inside. It had a huge underground labyrinth of rooms and corridors.

    You go in and there's a huge living room, and dining area, then this small narrow hall that leads to three doors. When you take one of the three it leads you to a sub-basement that looks just like the area above only larger.

    I kept getting warped between two places, I would make my way down and reappear outside. This also repeated about 10 times.

    I was in a car then, driving down a road, but not "myself". I was a man. I dare say I was Trinity, but I wasn't...I was watching myself talk. I appeared to have black hair and blue eyes at first, but that shifted and became dirty blonde and grey eyes, and back and forth (subconscious trying to lump several people together most likely)

    He was talking about how they were searching for them, and them was "the hunters", I didn't know what he was talking about (see...I was him...talking to the me in the house....yeah....keep up with me now)

    He told me I would be safe there, if I could stay. I kept thinking "safe from what?" but I could never figure that out.

    At some point Spirit made an entrance, she was talking, but she wasn't "there" in the physical sense of being "there" but she was in my head there "J" was there too at some point, he was talking to me, and then he appeared while I was standing at a table, he put his hand on my shoulder and motioned me toward something and then vanished again.

    then there was a mixed up scene with lots of dogs....big ones...small ones...some that looked like rats...and I remember at one point thinking "Trinity get the fuck out of my head" which is around when the dream faded and I had to force myself out of bed because of the heat wave coming through the window.

    I'd have it analyzed but there is no point. I went to bed thinking about Trinity, Spirit, and J and knew before I slept, I'd dream of them....just thought it was...odd