Look like your Busy

Date of dream: Monday, November 06, 2006

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I am an observer in this dream. I am looking on as a young boy and his pet golden puppy are eagerly looking down a small hole in the sand on a beach, a hole that I know, from my vantage point, is a crab hole. The water comes up to the hole and fills it in a bit, there is a bit of sea foam bubbling up. This is the momment the puppy and the boy had been waiting for. They watch the hole intently and then I see a white crab peeking out. The boy says to the puppy, "Look busy!" and then they both turn around very quickly, as if they were trying to fool the crab into thinking they hadn't just been looking down the hole and waiting for it to come up. I think the scene in incredibly funny and endearing. I was actually amazed to wake up from it, finding out that it wasn't a commerical for Halmark or something, and that I had dreamt it.
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    The Shining Boy (and other dream fragments)

    Date of dream: Tuesday, June 06, 2006

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    1. Shining Boy

    One of the things I saw in my dream was a boy, I would guess between 12-13 years old and he's on his side with his eyes closed. The most striking thing about him is his hair, it's very pale but not white, still blonde, like the color of corn silk, and the sun is shining on him making it even more bright. I don't know who he is, but I am so close to his body that I really should have been down right intersecting with him, or at least touching him, but I coudln't feel anything at all. It's like I was above him and sort of floating diagonally from about a 90 degree angle. He seems to be sleeping, and I quickly notice his clothes, which are mostly white with some black lines or something. I think I try to pick him up, but I forget if I really did that. I don't seem to have any tactile sensations. I don't really remember anything else about this dream, but it's very unusual because I don't typically notice so many features or remember them so well. I wonder who he is.

    2.) Lines

    In a very early dream I woke up with a fleeting impression of a conversation I was having. All I can remember was something about black, red, green and yellow "Lines" and I was feeling very animated about this conversation whatever it was.

    3.) Hoses through the woods

    I am following a group of people, and we get really deep into these woods, but I need to go "back" for some reason. They hope I won't get lost, but I am not so worried because there is a water hose all the way from where we were all the way back to where we came from, and all I needed to do was follow the hose back, and I start on my way. The hose is wrapped and tangled through these elaborate shaped tree limbs. Sometimes they wound back upon each other (like a huge knot) which was slowing my progress. I thought I should just leap these knots and follow the hose where it would straighten out, but then I felt that I had better not just incase I got lost.

    4.) Littler Sister

    I was riding on a bus, and I was with a crew of other people, and we seem to be a group of some people, I forget what it was we did, but we had uniforms, but I forget what they looked like. I also want to say we were monkeys for some reason, it's just an impression I get, though I don't really remember that. Anyway someone asks me for a card and I look into my wallet for this card, and it's really very important, because if I don't have the card I can't get my little sister back. I can't find the card, and I very quickly lose it, and start to moan and weep bitterly, because I had lost this card. On this same dream a commander has this ridiculous command that we must exit the bus walking backwards. That's all of this dream I remember.

    Additional Comments:

    The shining boy dream seems very significant, I just don't know how, but because it's such an usual dream I feel like I had better pay close attention to it.
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    Date of dream: Sunday, May 22, 2005

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    I forget most of this dream, but I was aware there was this mean woman who was taking disciplining a child too far, she didn't like the kid. I don't think it was her child anyway, she looked too old to have a child so young anyway. I was also aware she hasn't been giving him enough food on porpose. As he was a growing boy, he needed a lot more food than she was allowing him. At some point I remember hearing her beating him, and this made me scared at first, I just didn't want to hear it, but then I muster up the courage to do something about it, then get furious about it. I knock on their door, which seems to be overly decorated with some complicated pattern, like something you'd see through a keilidescope, and the paint also seems to be on too thick. No one answers the door and I just try to open it myself to just go in. The door does not open easily. I forget the details, but the door doesn't open in a normal way, either I had to actually pull the whole thing out of it's hinges or something like that. The woman is finally aware of me, and that I am angry. I throw her down to the floor and proceed to give HER a spanking, but although I run out of steam, and for some reason I can barely keep standing. She seems terrified of me all the same. I tell her to stop beating up the kid or she would have to deal with me. In the same dream, somehow, I also am aware of a man who wants to help the kid, and is trying to get this woman to realize she's being too hard with the kid, and needs to feed him more, too. The man puts food on a plate, somekind of meat, potatoes, etc. The woman seems to resent his attempts to feed the kid. The man also wants the woman to give the boy this large book. She's being difficult on porpose. She even licks the fork she's supposed to give to the boy to eat his food with. I am disgusted with her, but I don't know what to do. I don't know when the part of the dream with the food happens. I might just be an observer during that part.

    Additional Comments:

    When I am aware of abuse happening I generally don't know what to do. When I lived in the apartments a few years back I often could hear people fighting, but I was scared to call the police, thinking the people fighting would know it was me, and making my life hell after that. I want to do something, but I feel frozen my fear. One time when my neighbors were fighting I was vaciliting betwen calling the cops and leaping out there to do something, anything, and finally I went out to do something, even if it was just to be there were they could see me. I felt terrified, but saddled up anyway. Thankfully someone else called the cops. Nothing really changed, because the woman just didn't seem to get it that she was being abused, and refused to press charges, so the ass hole kept coming back. This was a cause of such frustration to me that I decided I couldn't live there anymore. I couldn't move out just yet, my lease wasn't up, but I had decided to buy a house. The landlord had told the couple they were being evicted, they had too many noise complaints put against them. However, they were unable to move right away, and stuck around for about two weeks after their eviction date. During this time I opted to stay with my parents, until those people moved out. The guy who was involved in all this was a pathological liar, and he often approached me to talk about my calling the cops, which was very intimidating. I felt very threatened by him, and didn't appreciate him asking me to come over myself and tell them when they're being too noisy. It was too stressful for me. I couldn't do that, and I felt like I shouldn't have to anyway. I am not their momma after all. I shouldn't be the one to tell then they're being too loud. The whole thing was a nightmare. I don't know if this dream was dealing with that incident or not.
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