A Wooden Boat in a Rough Sea

Date of dream: Sunday, July 27, 2003

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I don't remember how I got there, but I was on a wooden boat on the sea. There were other people here, too. The boat was big enough for a handful of people. It's was not a simple row boat, but one of the types that had a cabin, and an upper and lower deck. I couldn't tell you what sort of boat it was, though. It was very sparse, though. There wasn't any furniture, not even a little bench to sit on. Everything was made of unlacqued wood. It was a very depressing looking vessel. We were okay, but we were bored, which was better than being frightened when the waves began getting very choppy. The sea got gradually rougher. Someone was looking at a compass trying to decide which was to go, but seemingly no one knew where we were, and we didn't know which way to go to get to land fastests. The waves got bigger and bigger and began to splash onto the deck. I got very worried. I wondered how far off land was. I wondered if there were sharks around here. I wondered if the boat broke up could get a hold of a peice of wood to float to safety. If I did do that how long would I be in the water before that happened. I don't remember how the dream ends.

Additional Comments:

I went to the beach on Friday, and I thought the waves were fun, so I don't know what actually inspired this dream about sinking boats. I didn't get on a boat or even get near one the day I went to the beach.
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    Dangerous Fish

    Date of dream: Thursday, December 12, 2002

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    This dream has been viewed 3931 times.

    I can only remember a little bit of this dream. I seemed to be in the ocean. I wasn't on a boat or anything, it was like I was walking on the surface of the water, and someone else was walking with me. A friend, I think, just can't recall. I was really afraid of the waves that never broke, and all these enormous toothy fishes swimming through the water.
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