Hollow Toe

Date of dream: Thursday, June 26, 2003

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I was outside in an unfamiliar place. Suddenly I get the idea in my head that my toe nails need clipping. I sit down (I don't remember taking off my shoes, but I wasn't wearing them) and proceeded to trum my left big toe nail. It seemed like there was a lot more nail there than there should have been, but since I was trimming them anyway, it didn't matter. After I was done, however, I noticed that I had somehow greviously injured my toe. But I was instantly aware of how bizarre it was. I was trimming my toe horizontally, across the nail like you must, but there was a split right down the lenght of my toe from the tip to at least half way down. But curiously there was no blood. I looked closer and to my disgust and horror I see that I can see in the inside of my toe. There was what looked like a 6mm thick peice of meat, that looked dried out, and then there was a hollow space, and something else sort of there which I guessed would be the bone of my toe, looking black and sickly. It didn't hurt at all, until later, when it began to ache, but only a little. I found a rag and tied to around my toe. I dind't want anyone to see my awful zombie toe. I couldn't believe what I saw. I was walking around dazed, wondering how this could have happened. My mom show up in the dream, and I tell her I hurt my toe a bit, but I don't tell her it looked like beef jerky on the inside, with a big gap between it and my toe bone. I didn't want her to know at all how awful it was, but I also needed to find a doctor who could mend it. I figured that no matter who I showed it to would probabaly vomit. I can't remember any more of this dream.

Additional Comments:

This dream was really awful.
hollow toe
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Old Game Systems

Date of dream: Wednesday, June 25, 2003

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I was browsing a second hand store when I came across dozens of very out-dated computer gaming systems. I decided I really wanted to buy one. The system was vauge triangular, and had large lights around it on two of it's sides. I was looking for the parts that hooked it up to the tv. I never found all of it.

Additional Comments:

I don't actually have an interest in computer games, but I think I dreamt about it because my friend Yvonne is really interested in these old computers.

Drowning of Smashmouth

Date of dream: Sunday, June 15, 2003

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I don't listen to smashmouth, all I know is that they're a musical group, but I don't know what songs they do, so I don't know why the band was featured in my dream. In the dream I am outside, and I am looking at a natural disaster. There had been a sever storm and a place in the road was flooded, and the water was roiling, like as if there was some sort of turbine mechanism under the water. People are looking into the water, others are walking around apparently stunned. The rain had stopped, but the water in that crack in the road was still going crazy. I understand from what people were saying that one of the band members of Smashmouth was dragged into the whirlpool and had drowned before anyone could pull him out. In fact the water was too dangerous, and the body was still being thrown around it the whirl pool. The next thing I know someone has dregged up previously unheard of sketch book diaries of the drowned musician. I was looking at them. They looked old, the edges of the paper were yellowed. The sketch books were full of cartoon animals, specifically cartoon cheetas, or leopards, I am not sure which. Apparently the musical drew himself, and his friends and family members as leopards. There was one picture were he draws himself with his mother and brothers. (remember, I don't know a lick about this band so I don't know if any of them have brothers). In another he draws himself with his friends from the band, all as leopards. I thought the drawings were great. I thought it was a great pity I didn't get to know the guy, because his art work looked a lot like mine.
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