A Shark in a Lake

Date of dream: Friday, April 29, 2011

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I forget how the dream begins, but I am with about three or so other people (who I don't know in real life) and we have discovered an abondoned boat. We want to use it, and check it out to see if it's actually alright. On closer inspection it seems that it's hooked up to something to pull it along, so that you don't actually row it at all, or anything. I get in the boat first and wonder how it moves at all, since it appears that it's stationary. There are large wooden poles through square holes in the sides of the boat, like it's pinned there.

Anyway the boat takes on a lot of water almost immediately anyway and I say that we can't use it, and it's no good.

The boat seems to be composed of a huge plastic inflateable mattress and I remove it from the boat and think we can at least play around on the huge thing. I swim around with it pushing it in front of me when I notice something large and whitish grey in the water. I wonder what it could be. The water is pretty clear and then I can see quite plainly that it's a shark. I can see its rows of sharp triangular teeth. I start yelling about it, and trying to tell everyone to get out of the water, but no one believes I see a shark. It's not a place a shark aught to be, but I frantically swim for the shore, though the shark never even comes towards where there are people, but I don't want to take any chances.

That's all I can remember.

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    Trying a catch a Dragon

    Date of dream: Sunday, April 24, 2011

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    I am someone else in this dream. I seem to be wearing leather armor, and I even carry a sword. The scenery is like nothing I've ever seen, and it seems to switch from indoors to outdoors frequently. I seem to be on a quest, I need to catch a dragon, but I can't just leap out and grab it or something, it's too big for that, and I can't kill it. I encounter a woman, she has brown skin and also wears unusual clothes, and she's also armed with a sword. With her are two small dragons that she keeps around as companions or pets, not sure, but they're not baby dragons or anything, they're full grown adult specimins of their type, and they also speak human language.

    The woman clearly doesn't like me, and chases me off swinging around her sword. I don't know why she does that. I don't ask. But I do managed to talk to her two little dragons, and I ask if they will help me lure the big dragon to me. I think all I need to do is get it's attention and then that will be that. The big dragon is about the size of a draft horse. I can't approach it without it defending itself, so I needed a go between. I thought the little dragons might help.  I forget if they agreed to do it, because that's around the spot the dream ends, and I wake up.

    Additional Comments:

    I don't know what the dream could mean. The weird clothing seems to be from another time period, so this might have at least been partly a past life dream, but I don't know what the dragons could be. It's been a while since they've appeared in my dreams, though I remember dreaming about dragons on many many occassions, though I don't always record them.


    Green Car

    Date of dream: Sunday, April 17, 2011

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    Not real sure how the dream begins, but I seem to be in some sort of underground mall like place. At some point I feel very anxious and I know I must get out of here very quickly. There is a car being displayed somewhere off to the side. Not a major attraction, but it's inside the mall. It's ultra shiney and a bright emerald green. I decide the situation warrants that I steal that car. There isn't anyone right in the area to see me, so I open the car up. It opens differently from regular cars. Instead of there being a door that swings out, it's like a hatch that pops up. I get in with whoever I was with. I can't remember what they look like anymore, even if it was a man or woman. I sit in the car, it's some super crazy fast car, and the seats are narrow, but fit me perfectly, like it was made for me.

    I start up the car and drive.

    There is a underground road here, too, and it's mostly empty as I race down it. The lights embedded in the floors and ceiling are zipping past in elongated blurs. Everything about the car is green, even the head beams. I am rather liking the car, and it doesn't seem like i am being chased. I slow down, and then I begin to notice the car is shrinking.

    It's subtle at first, but then it gets smaller and smaller without me having really noticed....somehow...until I am actually sitting on the outside of the car, with my feet jammed in it, and steering it like as if I was driving one of those kid sized cars. Eventually I couldn't even use it anymore, it was too small and I had to continue on foot.

    Still no one is behind me, but I am still not in the clear, but things get a lot more dangerous all of the sudden. I seem to have accidentally landed on a sort of conveyor belt. (in my dreams conveyor belts are ALWAYS bad news, stretching back into my childhood.) The conveyor belt winda around a lot, seemingly without any reason, but then it looks like it's dumping its contents into an incinerator. I get periously close to it before jumping away, because I wasn't really sure what it was. Until I feel the intense heat, and the small of fried potato chips.

    I leap off the belt and crunch down in a lot of fried potato powder and oil. It was really gross, but it looked like I was almost out of troubel at last. There is a tall fence to climb. It's also covered with oil, and other detrius from the smoke stacks around. It was tricky, but I managed to scale the fence and get out. I remember running over green soft grass. I can't remember if the person who was with me was still there by that point.

    I don't remember anything else.

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    conveyor belt