Pokemon Contest and...Lance?

Date of dream: Saturday, July 19, 2014

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In this dream, there's a Pokemon episode with Ash, Dawn (who might also be misty??), and, Brock, and they stand in line for a a pokemon contest and it appers to be night in the dream. Also my writing this dream down shows I still like pokemon i guess. Team Rocket also joins the contest and the 'uniform' for the contest seems to have a pink shirt and a short pink skirt with a red line growing across twards the bottom. I thought it looked like a camping uniform. XD I remember ash trying to get forward in the line to get to the contest and he enter's with his totodile....even though he doesn't have totodile in the sinnoh episodes of the show o.O; Also Dawn might of been Misty later on, and wanted to win some water pokemon evolution item. Also, later on, the heroes think they can't get in the contest...then they get attacked by a Gyarados, which apperently was owned by none other than Lance the Dragon Master. I also remember Charizard 'video clips' throughout the dream. Pretty cool dream there... :)

Additional Comments:

First time i ever recall dreaming about elite 4 member lance XD pokemon related stuff sorry lol


Also I think the line part was inspired by a conversation i had with my mom once about some test using people in a line.

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    cutting in line

    "For The First Time In Forever.." :)

    Date of dream: Monday, July 14, 2014

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    In this dream, had just now, I am in some brown/reddish board game with some stuffed toys and maybe cartoon characters, too? I remember my riku plushie being there and some pink teddy bears and I think boss from hamtaro. I suddenly don't remember really well. Theres also a part about talking flowers? Now I remember being lost in some town and not being able to get home. But I think I get there eventaully. Then I am on some small pile of snow in a snowy place, thinking abou pokemon pictures, a lot having to do with pikachu and an animal calld th pika. XD I remember pictures of torchic and maybe other pokemon too. I remember them being compaired to real animals or something and it was adorable^^ Then I remember putting on an ice crown and then throwing it away forwards like Else does during the song "Let it go" in the movie frozen. Cept Let It Go didn't play in the whole dream from what I recall. But the song "For The First Time In Forever" does. And after throwing away the ice crown I remember getting ready to go home and "For The First Time In Forever" plays in my head, then it shows a video in my head with Elsa and Anna from Frozen singing that song, with Else singing all of Anna's parts of something xD It was funny.


    I recall it being daylight or morning hours all throughout the dream.

    Additional Comments:

    I recall my brother being with me at the snow part too xD

    Personas and "Higher Selves"

    Date of dream: Sunday, July 06, 2014

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    In this dream, random people (i think a young girl and a young boy) had these Digimon-like persona things that would become their 'higher selves'. One boy had a blue dragon digimon thing that later became a Giant Brained Blue/Grey alien called "Giantbrainmon" or something. There was stuff about Patamon and Gatomon being in the dream too and how they could give your higher being that of an angel. Well these 'states of higher being' would manisfest you and your character into different 'areas' that look like something from video games and you'd scroll through them like in a game. It was interesting. Brainmon's world was like that of a space ship. There was also a jungle world and of course heaven ones.


    Later on in the dream, i'm like at a guestless halloween party or haunted house/hot topic like area, with...mirrors? Cept I don't recall seeing myself in them at all, i don't think I looked into them. There was a lot of wood in the area. I was dressed as a witch, apperently, my avatar/persona was this witch with a typical dark witch costume and the hat had an orange sash on it and an orange bow. I leave the building and some girl tells me I shouldn't have such a dark persona, even though, i felt it was 'dark' in a good way. It reminded me of riku a bit I think. I think it was night time when i went outside too..


    Later that night I dreamt I was coloring paper on the walls of my bed room black. Then looking at green and yellow childrens fairy costumes somewhere. Or something like that the whole dream was pretty bazare.

    Additional Comments:

    My mom thought the dragon/giant brain thing was related to Kundalini Yoga. Interesting..


    Cept the blue dragon wasn't a chinese dragon it was a europian one

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    fairy wings
    higher self