pregnant with twins -helping out whoopi

Date of dream: Sunday, March 24, 2013

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dream 3- some other odd dream and of being in another unfamiliar town, but I am knowing it in my dreams..since i walk to an apartment building where I am ..staying , the odd part is or confusing part - is I am with whoopi goldberg , and am not sure if I am her daughter or just helping her with some event set up - its nighttime and as I walk down the hallway i feel as if i  am 'pregnant' and with twins, since am so big - takes me awhile to walk to where she is waiting for her daughter [why i am confused ] - she complains about her lack of enthusiam for working and being on time as i am taking a break to drink something , and  she is packing some boxes- guess she is pregnant too - [her daughter] - and was not really a responsible person when it comes to helping out and she says ''She is having a baby and I doubt she will be responsible even then '' not sure where we are but we are in a small apartment - and I go to attempt to lay down - and mom I hear is there talking about me too and I am eating a piece of celery - and hearing whoopi say ''least your daughter came to help'' I go to the door and her daughter comes in and was looking tired- already and lacked to help , until whoopi gave her a lecture , and she finally did assist- and not happy about it- mom still oddly is disapointed in me, guess because i am pregnant- and I wobble down the hallway to let some other women in to help out. . I mostly hear them complaining about somethings- and am later talking to whoopi and she gives me some glass of milk - I am asking her why she is ''upset'' since her daughter did come , and took some boxes out to the car- she is 'moody' and I try not to get in her way .. guess she is talking to mom about pregnancy and I feel she may even be talking about me 2 - is in her dark blue outfit - ..other people our in and out of the apartment- still night time-    

 4-I am not sure if this dream is connected with the dream above, but I am still in a building and with some girlfriends [only know them from dream] each tall skinny , short black hair , and as i am talking to them I am seeing they are getting a woman ready to meet a king? well I say that because as they are talking and getting her dressed in what looked like a chinese gown [forgot how to spell it ] and its very colorful  and flowery- I feel I am assisting them and also feeling like the woman in the gown - kneeling and they had to put her in a small carrier [like the king or queen gets carried in ] since they had to make it authentic - and I am asking them some questions as to why are they going all out for a unknown person..[king] and am having a hard time holding the big  throne, down the hallway [narrow] and i see she has her hands tied together with duct tape to look like she is bowing for him, which is rediculious and i mention that- so I hear they are just doing this for show- and plan to help her- which i did not realize- end

Additional Comments:

not sure if i am with golden girls 2 in another dream , or if it was last nights dream ,but it did feel like i am with them 2-on the set with rose and dorothy in the kitchen,and blanche acting all sexual --

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    strange place
    apartment building
    pregnant with twins
    daughter 2
    Add'l Emotions

    Don't ask any 'favors' from loved ones....sneaky around

    Date of dream: Tuesday, February 12, 2013

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    dream 1-I am over in my new unit and is sleeping there , and the bed is over near the bathroom [which it won't be in real life ] i had just gotten up and , i hear someone coming in and I knew it was Laurie and I thought I had left the key in the door and was not sure , though the odd part is the key was in the other side of the door and thought she would yell at me for leaving them in the door, but she did not since she is more concerned whom was in the unit- and I told her '' I just wanted to test this out '' so she understood. I had a red comforter [like the one in mom's new bed well kris new bed ] .....end    

    2 I am then in some kind of place [not sure where] we were looking around and had eaten some baked goods ,it actually looked like the place in yesterday's dream ] same table cloth's etc and I am trying to talk to mom she seems vexed  about me talking and asking her questions so she calls me some rude name and I am like ''Ok whatever I give up '' and she is wearing the dark blue outfit again to match her mood. She seemed happy to be purchasing baked goods and to be out of the house ,traveling like we use to ..and we walk to another part of the place,its a bit dark in there but it also is a gift shop , and had a lot of neat exotic things for sale that I would like so i go look around and there are display cases , with some indian objects etc and some older women are displaying more stuff - even though its semi dark in the place - I found something that I liked and was small in my hands, I wanted to look some more and I felt they were going to watch me or follow me since i took the item . I knew they probably would have security camera's around - I was curious [this part felt like a sign to make me lucid since when I am in between the two rooms , I am looking at a bigger room that i thought was also part of the store but am not sure , i could only see some seats and a wooden walls display area was big , so i changed my mind and was going back through to the gift shop..Mom is buying more stuff , am surprised to see her in there since she had a hard time walking and seeing in the dark .. I guess we all bought something ..and mom said some rude words to me again and am shocked she would say that to me i just left her be..[guess she is trying to tell me she isn't going to hug me in dreams , i really want her too !- since it now is the anniversary of mom's passing [13th] ..oh well can't push it ! ;/    

    dream 3 I am at home and was with dad and my brothers at first watching a start of new game- and they decided to go watch it at Joeys house , and mom and others are gone , so i am cleaning and felt good to be alone- went downstairs in our old past looking basement and its semi dark [got one of those old lights on in the room by the stairs , I am fixing something about my clothes and hear a strange noise coming in that room, i see a shadow of a small doll [it looked like one of the characters from farmville 2 the girl i use ] and she is making something , sounded like sewing, and i am a bit creeped out but also curious , I glance in and was asking ''Are you making something for me '' and she did not respond at first ,just see her shadow and she peers out and was freaky looking - i am embarrased to even write this - but I am asking her if she is going to masterbate with me and i am touching my grey pants sitting up on my knees - and she is getting a bit taller and looked like now one of the old collector dolls i use to have- and her eyes are evil looking and i felt i so wanted sex ..but woke up after ,feeling  weird and a bit creeped out .. end

    strange place
    mom laurie rachel at the bakery shop and gift shop
    mom annoyed with me
    semi dark areas [almost lucid] creepy doll down in basement
    dad joey past

    disney characters come to life

    Date of dream: Tuesday, December 04, 2012

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    Lucid Intent? No    

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    dream 1- I am at some strange store, am shopping with Laurie and a younger Rachel , we were with mom too I think . Shopping around the store and see aladdin disney characters , they were on the shelfs at first , and as we were walking around , when I see aladdin [as human] and genie etc..they were acting out as mother and father [Jasmine] around too for this kid that is all over the place..and is causing them stress since they had to go and chase after them..along with the genie and was just shocked  that they were around ...and admiring his muscles ..we were going around shopping in a strange store along with them ..also an area where the store is also an apartment - with them and think it was aladdins place with genie too ...

     2 I am also at home,and out with rosie and the other dogs..felt like we were in the backyard  ..but also near some field and water with mom in her green outfit , helping me with the dogs. and going some other place that is unfamiliar to me ...[did not sleep that well last night so not many dreams ]..end

    shopping with mom
    strange place
    apartment near store
    aladdin and jasmine real
    shopping with kid
    mom and i with dogs