Officer of the Day- ? Taken by Rick. S

Date of dream: Monday, December 15, 2008

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Lucid Intent? No    

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dream- I am in another odd place. I am also with a crowd. Strange I felt that I am a female officer. Since I had to go to the locker rooms to find my pants. I asked the other fellow officers where the lockers are and they pointed down the other end . I told them I had to change. I don't really look or feel like me, I am someone different. - and I had lighter red hair. I feel taller too. I couldn't find a name tag and I then used another woman's locker that looked like its not even been used. - I am surprised I found the place, usually I get lost. I asked "Where can I get pants" - they told me the uniform is in the lockers. I had my hair in a pony-tail. I pulled out a locker, and took a name tag off. Strangely I told them I forgot my pants . Think I had the top on . When I am getting the uniform a woman comes [weird but they seemed like teenagers]- they were telling me 'Hey that locker is mine" I apologized and took the uniform saying "I didn't know " I think they wanted to start something. I didn't really want to and wanted it to be friendly etc. since we are of the law. This officer comes and he is male. he tells them "Stop fighting " - Think they still wanted to but I was getting dressed so nothing really happened. - Except for feeling the tension between us. I went out to the station and It felt like it was officer Aladdin. and he was dressed in uniform trying to help out or arguments. etc. We had role call and such. I don't know how It started with Simon and Simon. Some how I am working on a children's case. - ? since I recall a boy and girl I am trying to get to them to there mother. ? I don't think the kids really wanted to go to there mother and they say "SHe is nutz" walking around some dangerous construction sites. So I am with Simon brothers and I say "I think she takes them to the contstruction sites and makes them walk those planks. ' - I took the kids to see her and she says "No I am not crazy" though I think she is acting like she is. So I told the kids"You can come with me " - They were happy and I think they are even on my street?- Near nicole's house. Its cloudy out.  I am helping them find protection and didn't want them to go near nicole. Some how I end up with still the simon brothers- but I feel like a younger girl and not myself. First aj is with us, then he goes somewhere as I am behind Rick - I felt that in the dream he is the enemy. - - and I was going to , try and run but I said "I don't think would make it " Well what's the point'- its still the construction area - and I see some construction - buildings. I am not sure where we are going- he is dressed in that ripped white t-shirt- in one of the episodes- and jeans. I wondered what he was up to and I had to yell at those kids to leave the area. Since they are walking in the construction area. End.

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    celebrity-Simon and Simon
    me officer
    abducted by Simon
    construction site
    protecting kids

    2 Be attacked

    Date of dream: Monday, November 24, 2008

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    Lucid Intent? No    

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    Dream- I am at some strange building that I think is a department store? ITs tall. I am with my friends, and These odd guys come up to me and wanted to kiss me. I said "GO away" they tried to again and I pushed past them. I spotted marlene at the doors, and I went over to her to yell and say "YOU started this didn't you?" She kept denying it and claiming to have NOthing to do with them. I said "I bet you did" I walked away and was going to find AManda- and the others. I think they were there with the kids too. Some type of party was going on. I didn't really feel comfortable here, and had to tell them I had to go.  They didn't want me to leave but I had to with those 2 idiots around. I think I walked out and went through the parking lot. I believe that's where I met up with Simon and Simon- and there is another woman around, It gets very odd here since I was telling them about the attacks. The one woman was looking for them too. SO I had to show them where the building is. Strangely I am on a tiny bike, and going up the down esculator which I did fine.  There are a bunch of ritzy looking people in there now. A set up for a dinner? There is another bunch of classy women and Aj and Rick were asking them questions- about those 2 men. Something weird went on and I saw a room with a  bunch of barbie fancy things. I said "WOW wouldn't rachel love this" -  Though I see the two men and they are almost grabbing me, but the simons came and captured them. In front of the classy crowd. -  I think We stayed around awhile but then I had to get home but wasn't wanting to. I went back and the house seems to be from the past again. - The set up was different. - Think some odd things went on here too but I can't seem to recall them.  END

    celebrity-Simon and Simon
    attacked by 2 men
    strange building
    blame friend-at building
    all friends family around

    Shopping for Glasses& Shark in water

    Date of dream: Thursday, November 06, 2008

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    Lucid Intent? No    

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    Dream - I am walking in the mall, and I think Marlene is with me- I am looking for the glasses place, since I wanted to purchase the glasses. I also wanted that camera they had as a deal. WE walk near what I thought was the place, but its a jewelry place. Some woman wants to help us and I ask her if she knew where the eye care was. She had on a brown suit. We walk back out, and Marlene sees Ed, so she oddly tells him that she planned to purchse that hanging halloweenish looking carpet? that is a scary looking skeletion face. I notice that as she is telling him this, - I realize that it can change pictures. I think its creepy and Ed wasn't really into it. But I think she bought it anyway. ? I find pearl vision and look at the ad with camera- I see what you had to purchase in order to get it? and I was asking some woman about the deal. I hoped I could do this now Though I don't know if  I had the means of purchasing this? I really wanted the camera.  So I go back out I think they were going to give me the camera , when I came back. Something odd happends while going to another area of the mall, I am near some stairwell, and I see this girl in her teens coming out shyly from another door. She looks a bit Like Jan Brady- and I try to talk to her nice, and everything. But as she hears me, she looks petrified and starts to scream going back into  the door. ? Think thats the last odd scene. a bit freaky.



    dream- I am at some odd resort? I think its california board walk- since there are a bunch of people around- and I wondered if they ever think of a Earthquake coming? They all looked pleasant and I go in the water near the board walk, other people are swimming too.  Some reason I swim up near the deck and felt there could be a shark in the water? I worry about the little kids. - I am closing my eyes and then looking in water and I saw something. I wasn't sure if it was a shark? [sunny]- Well Someone comes around after people with a gun, near the water and I  See that Simon and Simon are here again. They manage to push them in the water. I think I was telling them, where the shark was, and he was near the dock. I guess they fell near the shark and We got out. I was still talking to Rick and AJ. I think I knew these crooks. - I was with them in AJ's Car with marlow too. Don't know where we were going. End.             I think there is another scene with Hawkeye of mash at my house and Talking about Judge Judy? Or He might of been on the set? of mash. Since margret is there and radar. I also see some image of Judge judy? yelling as usual I might of been in the court ? I called her something . LOL.

    celebrity-Simon and Simon
    water =shark
    crooks-near water
    Hawkeye -
    Judge Judy in court