The lost and found

Date of dream: Thursday, March 14, 2013

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dream 1-I am at home and with mom , we are doing some cleaning and cooking I think , and  we found some paper book that looks old , took it to read in the living room and papers were really all over the place but we were trying to read them and was having to use a magnyfying glass to read the other small prints . I do not recall what it was about, but we seemed excited to get something out of it.. we had to pick up the papers and work more on the cooking , and I think that scott is around helping with the plumbing in the bathroom...

I recall being somewhere else in the dream , some type of big building and  Am with marlene I think , it might of been part of school, since we were leaving the classrooms and going out to see what is going on in the big spacious building ,some area we were going down a elevator and it felt a bit like some of it is space related . I am walking with some storm troopers , out on this walkway out of the elevator and I ask "Where is the other cast members?'' looking for Han or luke Lea,they were not even speaking and I am wondering if I would see any aliens....

Recall going to another place ,its more like a cabin resort in the woods.. and think I am with amanda and we were trying to get some info on other stuff- I know some women were there ,dark hair and tall skinny , it felt like we were trying to avoid them and kept looking around for some papers- I also  recall some other parts [still in the same place] where Mom and dad our with clients talking and eating with them.. mom likes the place and even though its dark out , She goes outside to see the views and guess we had to ride back home in the dark on winding roads.... Once we got back home [past] since i recall  the house being brown with shingles- we were fixing up the yard and talking to old neighbores- [esp the sobels] - Some odd things were going on , esp with some of the old book that we found .. and pages were we went looking around and something was going on with mom and scott , so I had to ask about that ''Is she gone?'' guess she left or died one or the other and oddly I said ''Good'' and went over to ms bessette's house - to see her and met up with marlene again outside the backyard was also with freddie and still amanda [trying to avoid shane ] and was all over the streets too - think even going past the graveyards on patchen rd- met up with some of the bradys and think Mr Brady is telling us about the grave stones.. started to get dark,and we had to go back -  I think bobby had his parakeet out and jan is around too - also part recall mash characters arguing [frank hawkeye margret] etc and saw radar there in the background. - end

scott fixing plumbing
found old book
grave yard
space star wars
cleaning outfront
strange house

Beetlejuice and Sylvia [again]- "LEtting it all out "

Date of dream: Wednesday, May 30, 2012

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dream 1- I am in a 2 story house, and with bettlejuice and Sylvia again, This time am upstairs and she's showing me things that she found in the attic and I am trying to get her to sign some papers but she wasn't listening . Just telling me where to put them. Beetlejuice is around just not in our way - I see he's moving things as well.. I was just annoyed with Sylvia and was trying to get her to stop and read the papers but she wouldn't I was moving her stuff and then helped her take them downstairs.    

2- I am then at home, and I go around the house helping out, I hear Laurie complain about living with me and I follow her outside the garage and I say "I would rather live alone here " and was talking rudely to me and I see she was telling that to Kris, and I say "I would rather be in an apartment than over there" and she disapears on the other side of the house and I try to follow her.  I then am on my bike going around clover with Kris and was telling her well fighting "That my money is my money and I can do what I want with it and yada yada" [when I woke up it sure felt good !} - to say that in a dream.. I guess she was shocked . ... then when we got back home we were setting the garage up for a garage sale and mom is there talking about Laurie not responding . [felt more like it was about mom not responding and thats why we had to have a garage sale]- ? - well I was doing something else in my room and getting it set up and they wanted me to help [laurie and kris]- carry out a cardboard. and I was going to help until I saw that its of michael jackson and I said "NO this is going to be worth something " and was trying to take it back in but Kris was holding me back "No we aren't saving it" and i thought that people would like it and was even asking people on display "Don't you like this picture of michael jackson?" and   they were just saying  "NO " and didn't like the idea of his being on display after his ordeal in court. [what people were mostly complaing about ]- looked iike it was in the gym at chamberlin school]-  I am back at home and was working on something else so they were asking me to get something else. and I felt that there was a LOSS- wasn't sure if it was dad [since he was around a bit in the dream]- and or MOM or Laurie- since I was saying "OH she would have loved that photo" and yet we were doing some garage work. I am also doing something in the bedroom with the computer. - I recall trying to fix something electronic- and was also outside in the front. Talking to our neighbors-- [a strange woman with kids]-  think ben was around our old neighbors.. with the dogs-. odd- ---- 

4 Then recall something with starsky and hutch again- and I was seeing starsky was in a car out in the parking lot and he was waiting for hutch to pick up something at the  laudromat and was going to aim a gun at some guy causing trouble and was starsky who surprised me with the gun and he was aiming it at some other person [guy] and they had to arrest him--- [was just shocked to see starsky with the gun all of a sudden]-  end...

 Think I was also over at amanda's and the house appears bigger and was talking to her mother and other family memebers there where it was a big living room.-going through the stuff we got. then I had to go over the fence to home [like in the past]- aslo maybe ms brown and mom were talking like old times in the yard was seeing wendy and the family - past end

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    beetlejuice & Sylvia
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    bike ride
    clover street
    starsky and hutck
    micahel jackson photo

    Religous message? & school shouts

    Date of dream: Wednesday, October 10, 2007

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    scene 1 ) Finally got some dreams back! - Well I recall being in some odd building. There was these boxes, that had some religion stain glass like on the boxes. They were nice. Some guys were observing them . I was watching them and a bit curious, since they were of different sizes. I was wondering what they're used for? I am not familiar with the building ether - I don't think its a church. Don't think the boxes opened they're just for show. Scene 2 ) some other scene set at school- where I am in a classroom, and There is some paper- That a girl has on a desk and she exlaims "Why does it have to be over 100! why not 75 pages" I do however think it was me? maybe that said that. - ? I recall wondering the same thing. I know the teacher was female. I recall going through the hallways and was searching for some classes I think? There might of been another dream about playing soccer? but I don't know really. Maybe recall more later. but least better than nothing.
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    strange building
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    walking lost
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