Dreaming of A Lucid Dream

Date of dream: Monday, February 14, 2011

Level of Lucidity:     Level of Cohesiveness:     Rating:
Lucid Intent? No    

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This dream was so confusingly awesome.I was laying down on my bed exactly the way I was moping when I fell asleep IRL but,I thought I was awake.

So in my dream I continued moping about my ex.I thought maybe I should try to go to sleep,to try and forget about my problems.So I got my laptop and put earphones on to try to listen to some tunes.(I actually did that IRL too before falling asleep)

I closed my eyes and suddenly felt strange.I knew that I had fallen asleep,it was dark and I could hear music playing.So I was like sweeeeet what do I do?

Is this even possible?.It's difficult to explain but I knew I was dreaming in my dream life but not IRL, if that makes sense.I changed the music on my laptop by asking "it".(went to Run home-Priestess)

I get to control what happens.The music stopped.I saw everything black no light, because my eyes wore closed.I told my dream that I wanted more music so I started seeing burst of lights with a beat.

A lot like on itunes visualizer,when ever there was a beat it changed colors and got small and big.I was so fucken excited like monkey with a banana.

Then I decided "let me make music",so this is where it gets cool.The music stopped it was dark again and quite.It felt like I was the orchestra composer.

I don't know how to explain this but with a "feeling" I told it what to play. So I made this really awesome house track that I wish I could of recorded.

My "feelings" making the music would make me rich I swear.I was fucken dancing without dancing,like with my "soul" .

I was enjoying the music that played with my light show,they got even more intense and trippy, I felt so high.After my mom woke me(in my dream not url).I told her to not wake me "I'm making music I control it".

I have no idea what I meant by "it" but what ever it was it made me happy.So I closed my eyes again.I fell asleep,this time I could kinda see through my eyes,weird.

I thought what else can I do?I started hearing my voice inside my head like an echo when I talked to myself.I was like change my voice and it changed to a guys voice when ever I spoke.

Then I said change it back but make it high pitch.So it did and and I was squeaky and singing.It felt so amazing to be in control.

Suddenly something woke me again and I was in my old home on my moms bed in my bedroom.I sat up straight and looked around,people kept coming in my room I started getting mad.

My mom was hosting a party.I just wanted to sleep again to see what else I could do.So I tried but these little kids wouldn't let me sleep.I was like take this stupid toy and get out of my room!

I closed my eyes again and fell asleep.Then I realized I was dreaming but was able to control my dreams only because I knew I was dreaming about being lucid.

 Now fully aware of my dream of a lucid dream I wanted to fly.As soon as I realized this my dream got really scary and creepy.I started hearing this voice surrounding me.

At this point I was fully aware my body was asleep while my mind fully alert.I couldn't wake up!

The voice spoke to me sweetly,a woman.She said some things I can't remember but it really made me get chills because eI had a feeling she had made herself into my dream,like an outside force.


I forgot that Iwas dreaming at this point.So the voice got louder and her voice got demonic.I half crapped my pants when it turned evil sounding.

She told me something in a rhyme,like a curse or something.I felt like it surrounding my soul.All I remember is she said

"Time,something something,fire something ring"

"down,something bell something i have come... something and drag you to hell!"(at this point that bitch was screaming at me with this demonic voice ).

When she said this I remembered all the stories I read about demons.I got so spooked it woke me instantly but not IRL in my dream(or at least I think it was.It felt more like I was in the spirit world.It was to real to to tell if I was asleep or not).

I was paralyzed I couldn't move I was panicking because something was off.I started pushing really hard for my right arm to start moving and it did slowly till I was free,then I fainted.

I woke up tripping out not knowing if that last paralyzed thing was me still dreaming or me awake and fainting.It was so real I will never know. It's something very strange to have real life and dreams overlap each other and very scary but it tends to happen a lot to me.


Additional Comments:

i wish i could rememeber more of this dream it was pretty awesome.other then the whole demon part at the end.im not sure if i can even consider this a lucid dream but i knew i was dreaming of a lucid dream in my dream but not IRL if thats possible. so i was able to control what i did for the longest time.

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    The London Flood

    Date of dream: Monday, January 10, 2011

    Level of Lucidity: N/A     Level of Cohesiveness:     Rating:
    Lucid Intent? No    

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    I'm still in my bed,I felt very warm comfy.Everything looks so expensive, gold, silver, fancy and made from the finest silks of that sort.I sensed that someone slept next to me perhaps my ex but I don't look.I push the covers aside and gaze at everything.I was in a Victorian bedroom.I slowly walk to this huge window,circled shaped.I sat on this sort of couch next to the window.I look out my window.To my surprise everything is flooded.I could put my hand out and touch the water.This is where I have OBE.

    I'm wearing this silk pink victorian night gown.I start to go farther away from myself to realize I'm in London!And Big Ben(the big clock) is my window.And that I'm actually looking out of the clock,which explains why it's a circle.So my big fancy room is inside big ben.I go behind myself and see what my body see's (idk if that makes sense).When I look down below the water the London Bridge is under water.A frieght train swirls by underwater.Suddenly around me I notice my room is flooded.(im in my body again.)I'm in regular clothing now and i feel like im in titanic.So I start to push my way through the furniture.

    I start to climb down Big Ben but the water has gone down by alot.I look up to see how far I got.It's no longer Big Ben but the Eiffel Tower in paris(what i'm holding on to now).Out of no where these two crazy helicopters start shooting at me.I'm now on the ground magically so I start running with my friends behind me.We are running across this dam when we make a turn.It's night time.We walk through this kinda "enchanted forest mexican feeling village" or like an old pueblo.There's grave stones.I get this halloween vibe.As we're walking through the narrow path surrounded by bushes I start seeing these really gorgeous dicorations,with amazing looking lights.

    Paper lanters,christmas lights and other lights with skulls and pumkins as bulbs.(glass and plastic ones)I get this festive feeling from it.From far it be a great bookeh shot.I start to walk into this house still everything dim,with a cozy warm homie feeling.Inside there was trendy cute trinkets,like sugar skulls,hand made jewelry and colorful old furniture.In this what looked like a very large tree house from the inside.And with the lights around it just was a speechless moment, for I thought I was going to party here.I see windows,I look out and we're surrounded in a forest with lights hanging from the trees.

    This girl comes up to me and shes like really hot.She wants to make out with me so bad like shes in total ecstasy.I'm like" whoa! back it up I have a gf".She like makes out with me forever forcefully.She turns into this medusa haired/witch like powered/demon.I felt like she was my gf,even though she didnt look like her.I'm trying to get away and she starts to attack my friends.I grab this knife and start stabbing her over and over.I look at her dying and im striken by guilt,pain,sadness.I start crying because like I said I felt like she was the girl im madly in love with and I killed her.So we ran through this back door,so dark and looking back everything so bright and beautiful.

    Wake up.Laughing

    Additional Comments:

    I would love to travel to london,egypt,paris,tokyo and rome one day.I've had dreams about all them.I just loved the whole lights everything was so gorgeous,colorful.I enjoy taking photos of lights.I love how I can always remember how the places look.I'm probably going to start to paint them in great detail.So everyone can see exactly what I see,since they are almost always in my dreams.the meaning in this one is i want to fucken travel.

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