Bouncy House Prison

Date of dream: Sunday, April 04, 2010

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I'm playing with my friends "Egghead",and some other  friends who I dont know IRL.I was in this bouncy house.Jumping around having fun."Egghead" gets out and puts a padlock on the entrance of the bouncy castle.I am now alone with this guy who seems to like me but I have no interest in.I go to the "fish net bars" on the side and tell egghead,"how could you!,you betrayed us!"

She replies,"I'm only doing my job,Mr.Freddy Krueger will kill me if i let you go!"

I reply"I'm your friend how can you trap me in here,let me go!"

So she says"fine but hurry or he'll come to get us"she starts to take off the chains.

I get out and my friends re-appear.We start running through this graveyard.With beautiful statues and a bright full moon.Freddy is behind us,chasing us.I got sick of running and was tired of being afraid.So I turned around, took out my magic wand and began to say some chant.Fire balls came out!Everyone else did the same.We're on broom sticks now,riding through the graveyard laughing and having fun,while trying to kill freddy.Sparks of fire of all different colors zip by making cool noises and crashing into each other creating fire works.A light show if you will.We went so fast I saw lines instead of figures for statues for a second.We meet up around this big tree.The leafs wore covered with glowing butterflies.With a campfire close by.We leaned on the tree resting and fell asleep.


Additional Comments:

This was very colorful,most of my dreams always are.

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    jumping house
    Freddy Krueger