Green Sky

Date of dream: Thursday, February 16, 2006

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Somehow, I was at a Shakira show. Well, more like an audition for a Shakira show. There were many people on the stage; dancers, etc.. They were rehearsing and preparing. I saw Shakira sitting on one of the audience's chairs looking at everything. There were a couple of belly dancers too, and I recognized them. I felt bad because I knew them from Serena Studios (which is were I used to take belly dance classes).

When it was done, everyone walked out of the building. I saw the belly dancers and I saw Mimi (a red haired dancer I know), but she was not part of the show. She seemed a bit unkept. Mimi talked to me for a minute and left. Serena (belly dance instructor) came out all dressed up nicely as usual. She saw me and smiled but when I tried to talk to her and explain why I stopped dancing, she just kept walking. I knew she was dissapointed with me for doing that. I felt like I let her and myself down.

Then all of a sudden everyone seemed to scatter and go their separate ways. I realized that I was in a bad part of town. Loads of people were buying and selling in a black market. Stolen goods that they had pre-ordered. A man was testing a video camera he was about to buy; people looking at jewerly, furs, etc...

I was distracted by the whole thing. Then this Asian guy that worked in the market started looking at me, at my bag. It was a small, cube shaped black and white bag with a b&w picture on it. The guy liked it and he wanted it. He started following me. It became obvious and he came towards me and tried to take it from me. I refused and ran. He ran after me with a bunch of asian guys. I went into an apartment were a white man and a black man seemed to be living. It was an abandoned place, but they lived there. The white man started telling me how he fell in love with the black guy. He told me details about their love life.

Then one of the Asian guys came in. He came towards me and I pushed him and kicked him. He fell down and I kept kicking him and punching him until he passed out. I ran out. I hit another one of them and kept running. Then only one of them was after me. We got to an area were there were trees and water. I saw some canoes lined up at what looked like the edge of a river. Then I turned around and I saw a huge building. It seemed like it wasn't far. I asked the guy how can I get there? I need to get to the city! And at that very moment, the sky started turning green. A green heavy cloud was slowly coming down. It didn't look like a cloud. It looked more like a huge curtain of green smoke but you could see through it. I saw it sliding down the building's glass windows.

I panicked. I turned to ghe guy and told him that we needed to get indoors right now. I saw chunks of what looked like sponges on the air. We ran fast towards a near building. We found an entrance and ran inside. We went up stairs an dsaw people inside. I told them that they needed to get away from the windows and close them. I told them they needed to go for cover. One of them was at a window and he had it open. His face didn't look right and he started acting weird, babbling nonsense. I got away from him and I grabbed the Asian guys' hand and ran for a nearby closet. We tried to close the doors but this other guy got in our way. He was also acting strange. We pushed him away as we tried to close the doors.

Additional Comments:

Serena has been in many of my dreams. I always feel regret for having stopped taking belly dance, which is reminded every time I see her in my dreams. I haven't seen her in person in about 2 years.
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