Leading the rituals

Date of dream: Wednesday, June 08, 2011

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It was in a rural setting. A big place, like a large house. It was night time and a very large group was in the location. Another person and I were leading a ritual celebration. The two of us wore black robes without hoods, while the rest wore white and other colors. We were all chanting and dancing, in a similar way as the Native Americans do. It even sounded similar. Everyone was happy and into it. At one point, we started filtering smaller groups into another room, inside the house, for another part of the ritual. It seemed like there were different levels to this ritual, and as you went deeper you moved to a different room. The final level was outdoors, were we would send everyone into the night. As they ran out, they looked so full of joy.

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I am currently a Priestess in a Pagan group.

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    Drama in the old home town..

    Date of dream: Wednesday, January 17, 2007

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    I was in my old house but it was modernized, completely updated. There was a pearl white car outside, it looked brand new. One of my coworkers was at my house because he was going to help me with something. He was helping me set up these strange looking pencils or pens. They had a metal attachment that I didn't know exactly how to work, but he knew how to put them together. There were many of them and I watched him put some of them together and then I tried to do it myself as well. I managed to do it. My coworker was quiet and shy (just as he is in the office). A friend of mine that I've known since kindergarten was there, and she wanted to play some music while we were getting things done, so she put in some old merengue cd and I laughed and told her to take that old stuff off and put something new. She then proceeded to put in some reggaeton cd and I cringed but my coworker kinda laughed a little.

    I went with my friend to some big party that involved a lot of people from our high school. There was going to be some bellydancing show, and I was going to participate. I got to the location with my friend, and there were a lot of people from the town there. I had my costume with me, the pink turkish one. I saw Jeniviva there, and I asked her if they needed one more dancer, and she said get changed quick, and I just sat down and started putting on my skirt over whatever I was wearing. I had dark pantyhose on and high heeled boots and I was going to leave them on. I noticed there was a lot of arguing going on and bad attitudes, and mediocrity in the "dancers". Then these two girls that used to be in high school with me, who were sisters, walked in in an argument, and then another girl who used to be in high school with me stood up from her chair in another argument, saying that one of the girls that walked in was her wife. I started getting frustrated about it and then I told my friend, that I felt like leaving because there was too much drama and bullshit. She agreed. She also said that she had to leave because she had to get surgery. I think she mentioned something like cancer.

    I was walking back home right across the town, and I got to this part were very strangely, there was a house that if you were driving you could drive by it but if you were walking you had to go through it somewhat. I first tried to walk over the house, jumping from the backyard to the ceiling, to the front, but it turned out that the ceiling was too high to jump down from it. So I climbed down and decided to just walk around it through the backyard, which had lots of trees. I did that, kept walking until I got home. I was telling another friend of mine, T, what had just happened. We were in front of my house and I told him that I'd rather be home, that my computer is charged, ready to use and I'll be more comfortable at home instead of wasting my time over there. He agreed.
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