My new job

Date of dream: Tuesday, April 07, 2009

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I was starting a  new job. I had a huge load of work to do, and I was slowly getting acustomed to it. There was a man that worked with me and was showing me around and training me. I did not know this man from anywhere else. He was tall and slim, wore glasses and seemed serious most of the time. I had a lot of work and I was not doing it as fast as I could because I was new to the company, so there were some complaints. At one point I overheard one person complain about me not doing the work fast enough. This person was a woman who sounded just like someone I've known since childhood and I thought it was strange that she was there. I never saw her face. I just overheard her talking through a window.

The man who was teaching me how to get things done spent a lot of time showing me things so I never got a chance to take a walking tour of the company. I would always take a shortcut to my office. At one point, he went into the bathroom and I didn't want to stand outside the door waiting so I kept walking to the office. I didn't take my shortcut so I got lost. Then I got to see the entire company, and it was amazing. Everything was very luxurious, there were beautiful views out the windows, gourmet cafeteria, beautiful decoration and lots of people. One woman who looked a lot like someone else from my childhood saw me and asked me if I had tried the soup they had given earlier for free. She had an extremely bored look on her face. I said to her no I didn't try it. I kept walking, trying to find the way to my office again but I was totally lost. So I decided to walk back to were that bathroom was and see if I could find my co-worker.

Additional Comments:

The two women that I thought were from my childhood are related (mother and daughter). I don't really see them anymore since I moved years ago. They used to always be very jealous of other people.

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