The Destiny Points

Date of dream: Tuesday, April 08, 2014

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Lucid Intent? No     Lucid Technique: Other

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The Destiny Points

The Messengers Dream journal Entry

I was sitting on a stone bench near a river (I've been here before) watching a swan, when Tak came
up behind me and scared me. We laughed about it, then he sat down beside me and held out a clipboard with a blank piece of paper on it. He drew a small dot on the bottom left side of the paper and said,

"This is your current path.

Along each of our paths, there are points that we reach that are unavoidable, points that when we arrive, change the course of our lives forever. These are called Destiny Points, and every person has many in one lifetime. These are our agreements.

When you meet someone only to find that you would have met them through a friend eventually, or through work, or some other circle; that is a destiny point.

When something, like an accident or divorce happens that changes your course, that is a destiny point. Do you understand?"

I said yes, then he continued,

"We cannot change our destiny points. When we try to force them, or circumvent them, we will only delay the process, and this can cause our paths to stray off course."

I got a bit concerned then, and asked him if that means we have no free will.

He sighed and said, "Of course you have free will....

But Destiny points are agreements, contracts if you will, that you made prior to being born in this lifetime. We each come here for specific experiences, and for specific purposes.

Once you are born, you are bound to honor your agreements.

Trying to get around it only delays your process, since your agreements cannot be broken."

I tossed some food to the Swan and sighed. Tak leaned over and hugged me and said,

"Don't worry about it. You are on your path, and as long as you honor what you know, you will be fine.

" I told him that I really missed him, and that I wished I could train with him once again. He smiled and said, "You should have been training with me all along."


messengers dreamjournal entry 12/21/13

Date of dream: Monday, January 06, 2014

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I was sitting on the beach, looking out at the waves. It was late at night, and I was enjoying the cool breeze. MIM walked up and sat down beside me. We sat in silence for a moment, then he said, “She needs you.” pointing to the ocean. I sighed. “I know. I'm just not sure how to help.” He reached down and drew a horizontal line in the sand with a dot below it and said, “When a sailor is at sea, he is surrounded by water on all sides. It can feel, at times, that the land no longer exits or that it is impossibly far away. But every sailor knows that if he keeps going, he will reach land eventually. The same is true of our journey. There are times when we feel as if our goal is impossible, that no matter how high we raise our sail, we are not making progress because the view looks the same. But if we keep going, keep our ships in good repair and keep a steady eye on the horizon, we cannot fail, and this.. (pointing to the horizontal line in the sand), this frustration that serves to block our progress, disappears.” He erased the line and nodded, then made a wide gesture toward the water with his hand. “You're really almost there, Mystery. Keep going.”

Dust to Dust... The Bones of the Ancestors

Date of dream: Friday, November 29, 2013

Level of Lucidity: N/A     Level of Cohesiveness:
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Messengers dream journal entry (11-20-13)

I was walking down the red hallway, looking for a particular room (though now I can't remember which one it was), when MW stopped me. He pointed down the rest of the hallway, and said, “Have you ever considered that the red hallway is like a tunnel of rebirth, red being the color of life? I stopped mid-stride and said no. But the idea struck me as so obvious, yet so profound; I was almost embarrassed that I hadn't realized it sooner. MW smiled and said, “Many doors are many opportunities for rebirth. Then one opened almost as if on cue, and MW gestured wide with his arm for me to enter. I walked in and the first thing I noticed was a beautiful white marble table toward the back of the room. The whole room had an air of sacredness to it that I loved. I wished I had some fresh flowers to place on the table. A woman suddenly appeared beside me. She looked Native American and was dressed in a beautiful white Native-style dress. She placed an Owl feather on the table and said, “Wisdom comes in many forms. As humans, we often allow our minds to filter what comes from Spirit so that it relates to our own experiences. This inhibits our growth. Your human experience will cloud wisdom if you allow it to. Listen to the wind. Listen to the Trees. Listen to the stars. They have much to teach you, if you allow yourself to be like the Wind, to be like the Trees and to be like the stars. Drum the heartbeat of the Great Mother and She will speak to you. Use her sacred herbs and she will teach you. Dance her sacred dances and she will open the way for the Ancestors to speak to you.” She took my hand and suddenly, we were in a large plain, with tall grasses swaying in the breeze. The air was warm, and I felt the sun on my face. She turned to me and said, “We ARE the Earth. We ARE the Sun. We ARE the moon and we are made from the dust of the bones of our ancestors. Listen to them. Feel them within you. They are waiting to teach you.” Then she vanished and I woke up.