DREAMGIRL (precognitive/accurate)

Date of dream: Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Level of Lucidity: N/A     Level of Cohesiveness:     Rating:
Lucid Intent? No    

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(EST. DREAM DATE 1996-97)

I am looking into a swirling wall of liqiud-light, about ten feet from me, that fills my field of vision.

The colors are distinct from each other and flow in a fashion similar to the movement of liquid in a lava lamp.
Although this substance is more etherial, liquid Light is a most suitable term.

I feel a presence of a woman in the light. I intuit that she is a friend....

"Carolyn is that you?" I ask...(Carolyn B. was my closest female friend at that time.) I speak this question aloud focusing my ATTENTION on the light-membrane before me, INTENT on seeing who is hidden in its swirling mists.

A face emerges from the light...an attractive blond haired woman, in her late twenties.
Her features are extreamly clear. She reaches out her hand, as if trying to catch hold of my face...

Startled by this gesture, I awaken.

Additional Comments:


 Her features remained vivid in my mind after I awoke. In other dreams, a haze often seems to cloud the dream content. This dream however, stayed clear in my memory, as other powerful dreams also have. I have a VERY strong impression that I will soon meet her. I am so certain that I begin to look for her... I remember being at the local shopping mall looking for the her among the faces in the crowd wondering why I would have such a feeling. After a week or so, nothing happened...

"It's just a dream" I said to myself... "Let it go!" ...I soon discovered how mistaken I was.

It was just another night out, at a local club where I often went to unwind. "China", a good friend of mine who worked there, rushed up to greet me as I entered... She was excited to see me because a group of her friends were also there that night. I accompanied her to the table where the group was seated and took my place in the lone, remaining chair. China started the introductions with the gentleman to my right and proceeded in a counterclockwise direction around the circular table. My world stopped when she reached the last member of the group, an attractive blonde seated directly to my left...

"...and this is Colleen."

It was her... the girl from my dream.

Fortunatly for me, I was sitting down in a comfortable lounge chair when this happened. The reality of the moment was so intense, that I momentarily "blacked out" as my attention turned inward and downloaded a thousand thoughts all at once...It took me a few seconds to process the fact that this was actually happening.

It went something like this...


Its her! The girl I dreamed of! How is this happening? Why did I dream of her? Is this important? What if she is the one I am supposed to marry? What if I screw this up???




 For some reason, in the few seconds that I "blacked out" while processing this new variable in my reality, all the others seated at the table, (except for Colleen) left. I hardly noticed this at the time, but later upon reflecting on the event, I have always wondered at this...

I looked over at her and there she was simply looking at me with this look of "well are you going to talk to me or what?" Once we began to talk all my apprehension vanished, and we quickly became good friends, and eventually much more...But that is another story.

...in the end however we did not stay together.

She was a magical being...One of "My Kind"


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    An act of power

    Date of dream: Tuesday, April 07, 2009

    Level of Lucidity: N/A     Level of Cohesiveness:     Rating:
    Lucid Intent? No    

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    In this dream I am in a classroom...I challenge the professors notions of what we are capable of...and to illustrate my point I tell this (true) story to the class.


     It happened while I was in college. I was having a discussion with a friend of mine I had nicknamed "Bosco-man" As a longtime student of Martial Arts I had, over time, discovered that we have access to far greater levels of awareness than what we generally employ. In this discussion, (and the interaction that followed) I successfully illustrated my point.

     I told "Bosco-man" that we are all capable of sensing danger, as well as the approach of someone who has the INTENT to harm us. To illustrate what I was talking about I set up this test. I told Bosco-man he was to attack me...and that he was to actually try to hurt me.

     As a safeguard I asked him to strike in such a manner so that, should I fail to evade his assault, that he would not cripple me or cause any permanent damage. The criteria for the experiment was simple... he actually would have to try to hurt me, and cause me serious pain (otherwise my intuition or  "body knowledge" would not alert me to the danger, since it only responds to a real threat) The other factor was that he would have to wait, and let some time pass...since the only way the experiment would have any validity was if he actually attacked me when I was not expecting it.

    This of course, would be no trouble for him since we were best friends in college, and we hung out together almost every day. Within a week or so I had forgotten about our discussion... Bosco-man, however, had not.

    It was a few weeks later when Bosco sprang his attack. We were leaving one of the campus dorms and as we turned a corner exiting the building he lagged behind, and then attacked.

    I felt the urge to move, and I took a long step foward and turned to my left as I faced him, only to see and evade his punch...

    "Very cool" Bosco said, with his trademark  grin.

     At that moment I remembered our previous agreement and smiled at him, elated that my awareness had protected me, once again. 


    In the dream I only started this story, I was then enveloped with the feeling that accompanied this (former) accomplishment. I was seated in the dream and my PRESENCE INTENSIFIED. I looked at my hands.


    Upon waking I realized that I had reached a threshold, and failed to sieze the opportunity to  become lucid...looking at my hands had been the signal...

    (see the dream ..."finding my hands")

    It also seemed that my energy center had shifted below, toward the ground.

    Additional Comments:



    I feel the message of this dream is a challenge to look upon this situation with similar possibilities 

    What is it???

    Is there something out there?>??


    A something that seems impossible...but is not.

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  • The Ithica circle (possible precognitive?)

    Date of dream: Thursday, September 18, 2008

    Level of Lucidity:     Level of Cohesiveness:     Rating:
    Lucid Intent? No     Lucid Technique: Other

    This dream has been viewed 2362 times.

    The Ithica Circle


    I only have a fragment of this dream to report ...

    I am making it public since I feel it may be precognitive.

    (I have no data at this point in time other than A FEELING that I had upon awakening that this dream is actually precognitive.) .........................................................................................................

    Dream Journal Entry

    The Ithica Circle

    ...In this dream I am with a circle of people

    (who I do not know/recognize in waking life.[at present time... 9/08])

    In the dream they seem familiar, as if they are companions...

    It seems like some type of meeting or council that I am a part of ,and it reminds me of a variety of groups I have worked with in my life. (dreaming circles, drum circles, workshops etc,)

    In the dream one of the men addresses me ...with an air of surprise and insight... he is discovering something that surprises him.

    "He doesn't even know who he is yet..." he says.

    At that moment I FEEL that this is a major revelation..

    Is this is a glimpse into my own future... and the work I will do.

    There are a entire host of thoughts and feelings that come with this perception.


    I decide upon waking that I will struggle to put them into words.

    (below ...end dream report here)



    Additional Comments:

    What I felt upon awakening... ABOUT THIS DREAM

    The feeling persisted that morning. I have lead/participated in a variety of so called spiritual groups in a variety of types of work. I SENSED in this dream that we were doing some advanced dream/trance work...something directly related to the fact that the ithica man was perceiving me from MY future.

    When the man from ithica commented "he doesn't know who he is yet" I had the sense that he was speaking to the fact that I was not aware of my own ability/status and that I (future me?) was actually a person of some ability/importance in some way.

    I wondered upon awakening as to which of the paths that I am working on this dream relates to...




    Q. Was it a (dreaming path/trance work/O.O.B. time-travel) encounter?

    ...with my future self leading workshops (as I have before) but more advanced...

    with my own abilities developed further than I, (HERE. NOW...9/08) have yet to access??

    or was it the other path (which I have been shown/ and the messenger has predicted, involving global conflict) related to certain world changes to come that we have been made aware of, and the reference is to the role I will play in helping assist others thru this difficult transitional period???

    I had a very strong sense that this encounter involved trance/dream work

    and that the man from ithica was somehow accessing me/my awareness from a time and place in the future.

    One possible explaination is that Perhaps HE was the one inducing me in trance state.

    I as the subject would have complete access to my own life timeline ...

    then his comment was that of the trance therapist to the group of witnesses which I sensed, about the point in time that I (the subject of the trance work) was accessing...

    This paradox of time/space has surfaced before...quantum physicists refer to it as entanglement.



    (quantum physics principal)

    (note to self... add details)

    ...essentially what entanglement is is the fact that you and the cells of your body are entangled. So if I take a cell of your body to a far distant point (say China) and then are shown a scarry/shocking picture... both you and the cells in China will respond to the emotion at the same instant....

    (please note ...Scientists had to grapple with the problem that there was no no time/space lag between point A and point B...this is because the two points are ENTANGLED and considered the same...acting as a cohesive whole, even though they are miles apart.)

    this also opens the doorway to the HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE...

    (I will leave that discussion for another day.)


    you are in essence here... and here...

    in both places simultaneously.


    This has occured so often in the science experiments that it is THE PRINCIPAL which underlies the entire field of quantum physics.



    this may be an example of dreaming/"seeing" things at a point in time prior tp that when they actually happen. It can only be validated if this event later occurs as numerous dreams of mine and my associates have.


    Dreaming Prompt

    There is the possibility that this is simply another dreaming prompt to FOCUS my attentioin on a possible life path...this prompt is an expressin of an inner desire that is know thru the FEELINGS...the possibility of this life direction.i

    (which leads rise to the question what is this inner guidance system that chooses which path it wishes us to follow?)





    Trina (a fellow drummer and good friend.) had just moved there a short time earlier...(this spring)




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