alien baby and giant/with group of girls in various scenes.

Date of dream: Monday, October 25, 2004

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Earliest I remember, It was almost like a "The Sims 2" kind of appearance. While I was looking at it through camera angles, it was still reality. I believe there was some kind of lot where it was a small hill with a garden type of area and a white picket fence around it. There was a green alien baby wriggling in it.

Suddenly, a fire erupted in the garden and I panicked, trying to send someone over to get the baby. Somehow, I did something that caused the baby to touch a rake and "pop" over the fence to be out of the fire.

Suddenly I 'zoom'ed in to be much closer. Now, no longer looking at it through camera angles, I was now there and crouching by the alien baby. I remember looking over my shoulder up at this helluva huge giant who was smiling down at us. I said, "The baby's okay now."

I looked down and the alien baby was now a human. I can't remember anything else except that the giant said he wasn't meant to be that tall because he and this human switched sizes. Suddenly the giant got shorter. At the same time, the human laying on the ground - his legs got longer. They both stood side by side and were now the same height except the giant had really short legs and the human had really long legs.

More happened but what I remember next, I seemed to be in a room with a group of girls. I remember the room was kinda foam green but it seemed to be of an old place as if the room had been painted many times. I even think the window had splatter of white paint by someone who was being reckless. The girls were all sitting around and I was also seated. One girl was saying how another girl that they all knew had just lost her baby. The whole atmosphere of the room was incredibly sad as the girl was telling everyone about it.

I believe the surroundings changed a bit where we were all on the bus. The inside of the bus was also foam green. I was on a seat and cramped because of another girl by my side. I was thankful there was a opening between two bus windows because it was frozen outside and I wouldn't have to worry about getting hot. I put my face between the opening and placed my cheek against the cold metal.

The girl noticed and smiled. I pulled away and she put her cheek on the opening and suddenly said "ouch!" I only explained that it was just cold and I liked it because I wouldn't have to worry about getting too hot.

More happened but what I remember next, I seemed to be back in that house with the group of girls but everyone was spread out and doing their own things. There was a girl I recognized as Angela (from the latest Road Rules). She was in a bedroom with a girl. I knew they were looking over something secret-ish. I entered a very large walk-in closet which was stuffed full with clothes and junk. I peered through the other door which led directly into the bedroom. I didn't see Angela and the other girl so I started walking into the room to try to find out what the secret was. I think I saw a bag on the bed but I couldn't do anything more because I heard footsteps. I tried to run into the closet but I knew it was too late because I'd be caught.

Suddenly, Angela rounded the corner and I had to pretend that I just entered the room to scare her by lunging at her with my hands spread out to frighten her. She was startled and I was amused - and relieved that she didn't suspect a thing.

Big storm approaching, dealing with computer in school.

Date of dream: Saturday, October 23, 2004

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Earliest I remember, I was at school. For some reason, the walls were cut away so we were absolutely revealed to the outside elements. The 'room' I was in was like some sort of computer lab. I can't remember what I was doing on my computer but I do remember that there were clouds in the sky that were moving kinda fast. The clouds looked like altocumulus (some sort of cloud shape).

I could tell that everyone knew a very bad storm will be coming through here and the entire school was being dismissed. I knew that it had to be very bad if the rest of the school was closed even though the computer lab was the only room without walls.

I wasn't ready to leave yet. I remember talking to several people about my computer. I figured if I was going to use this computer for the rest of the school year, I might as well use my own preferences. I was trying to ask someone if I had permission to change my computer's preferences. My computer had the blue theme from Windows XP. I told them, "It looks fake. It looks like plastic. I just want the classic stuff."

A girl said, "I like blue and..."

"Don't get me wrong," I interrupted, "I love blue but that looks fake. I just want the classic stuff."

I think in the end, I didn't have permission because it would've taken too long. Something about how the computer would take a long time to "process lines" in order to change from the blue stuff to the classic stuff. Suddenly, a very big ad started scrolling onto my computer.

Everyone stopped and went "oooooooooh.. It was about time, an ad!" I was surprised because the ad was for a Sesame Street movie. I said, "It couldn't have been me. I haven't been on the internet yet." But I think they already knew that.

I was getting my backpack on and I remember lots of students talking. I said, "I'm not going to see the movie." And it seemed to have been blasphemy because everyone was shocked. I kept going with "I just don't go to movie theatres."

"What about your Dad?" asked a student.

"My Dad?" I replied.

"No, his."

I looked back and saw another student. I realized now that they were talking to him all along and I was just yakking. I was kind of embarassed and left. I remember walking outside and down the sidewalk along this long line of buses. I looked back once to see the same groups of boys and other kids. I was mentally scolding myself for embarassing myself. Of course they weren't talking to me.

I couldn't remember what bus was mine and I figured that as long as I kept walking, one of the bus drivers might recognize me.

Talking about elephant ears and flood / shoved off a bus

Date of dream: Thursday, October 07, 2004

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I was lounging in the front yard of someone's house. To my left was my brother-in-law's little brother. I don't remember what we were chatting about but I remember being distracted as I looked across the street.

There was a house with a large window. Strange thing was that since it had a large window on the front, it had a large window right on the other side of it so I was able to see straight into their backyard and see the hugest elephant ears (colocasia).

I made some comment, I don't remember what but I know it was about the elephant ears. The little brother looked confused and I pointed, "Over there. The elephant ears. The black leaves and green veins. That's illustris."

For some reason, we were now on the back of a truck but still lounging in the same positions. As the van drove on, he was telling me about how he had elephant ears planted and it saved him from a flood. I nodded and said, "Elephant ears are big drinkers."

Suddenly I got nervous when the truck was driving up near two buses. The van aligned itself with one bus and I believe we both got up. I think one window was really wide because we stepped into the bus through a window on the side and looked around. I saw all these students.

Suddenly one girl was pushing me from behind. She wasn't being rude or anything but hurrying me off the bus because I didn't belong there. I suddenly chuckled and wanted to make the comment that I hadn't been in 12th grade for a number of years now! I stepped off the bus through the front door.

Additional Comments:

I haven't spoken to brother-in-law's little brother in a very long time now. In fact, we are not even friends. We're probably acquaintances at best.

I do not recognize the little girl.
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