Tolerance/Giant disease

Date of dream: Saturday, February 17, 2007

Level of Lucidity: N/A     Level of Cohesiveness:

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It felt like I was in North Carolina in the 1930s. I was standing on a rocky road by a restaurant when I saw all these black people standing around and a white woman closing the door of the restaurant. I asked one of them (the dream sense told me he was a good friend of mine) "She didn't just lock y'all out, did she??" I went into the restaurant and I was trying to talk to the woman about her restaurant.

When I glanced to a window, I saw a van right by the glass with all these old ladies in it and I immediately knew that they were the reason why the woman threw out the black customers. I told her, "Don't let those old bitches tell you what to do!"

A woman sitting nearby frowned at me and I immediately apologized. "Excuse my language. I'm sorry. I'm really sorry." And she smiled a bit in her way of saying she forgave me.

I followed the woman into the back and I told her, "Don't let those old biddies tell you what to do! Don't alienate your black customers just because of them. Besides, I guarantee you that they'll come back anyways after the tension gets sorted out."

The woman agreed and went out to the front to talk to her black customers who were waiting around out of anger.


This was a bit spotty. I'm at a school and I believe a principal was talking to me and one other person. Some issue came up about the giant disease and I said "Yeah, just like it happened to -"

And then I had a flashback. A group of friends and I were biking around when suddenly one friend fell of his bike. He suddenly grew bigger and bigger till he was a 30' giant. I never saw him again after.

I realized I was still at the principal's office and I patted the papers, "Let's get back to the papers. What do they say?" and the principal was looking at me suspiciously before he continued on.

The next I remember, I am now at home in my bedroom when my brother-in-law rushes into the room all excitedly saying that he 'grew an inch'. He was shorter than me so I couldn't tell. I wasn't amused because this wasn't something you joked about. Becoming a giant was serious stuff because the family could get shunned by the neighborhood. No one knew if it was contagious or not and no one wanted to risk it.

I told him I didn't believe him so he pulled me into a hug and said, "You'll see." After a minute, I realized he had another growth spurt and my feet left the floor. I was stunned as he let go of me and I looked up at him. He was a foot taller than me now. I said, "You gotta get out of the house before you get too big!"

He left my room and I left as well. I hurried into the garage to look for something. After a minute, my brother-in-law came into the garage and I thought he left the house by now. He went to the garage door and tried to open it but there was so much junk in the way. I told him to lay down so that if he grows, he can easily crawl out of the garage.

When he laid down, I talked to him for a bit. "Where are you gonna go? What are you gonna do?" He said he was gonna live here but I was concerned about that.

"If you live here, your child won't be able to go to school. Your son is in first grade and his most favorite thing right now is recess." If my brother-in-law chose to stay, we'd pay for it. No one would want to do anything with us. His kids wouldn't be able to go to school or anything. I could tell I was getting through to him because his face showed that he was in deep thinking. I guess he wasn't excited about growing anymore.

Then I went to sleep in the garage and didn't see him when I woke.

alien baby and giant/with group of girls in various scenes.

Date of dream: Monday, October 25, 2004

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Earliest I remember, It was almost like a "The Sims 2" kind of appearance. While I was looking at it through camera angles, it was still reality. I believe there was some kind of lot where it was a small hill with a garden type of area and a white picket fence around it. There was a green alien baby wriggling in it.

Suddenly, a fire erupted in the garden and I panicked, trying to send someone over to get the baby. Somehow, I did something that caused the baby to touch a rake and "pop" over the fence to be out of the fire.

Suddenly I 'zoom'ed in to be much closer. Now, no longer looking at it through camera angles, I was now there and crouching by the alien baby. I remember looking over my shoulder up at this helluva huge giant who was smiling down at us. I said, "The baby's okay now."

I looked down and the alien baby was now a human. I can't remember anything else except that the giant said he wasn't meant to be that tall because he and this human switched sizes. Suddenly the giant got shorter. At the same time, the human laying on the ground - his legs got longer. They both stood side by side and were now the same height except the giant had really short legs and the human had really long legs.

More happened but what I remember next, I seemed to be in a room with a group of girls. I remember the room was kinda foam green but it seemed to be of an old place as if the room had been painted many times. I even think the window had splatter of white paint by someone who was being reckless. The girls were all sitting around and I was also seated. One girl was saying how another girl that they all knew had just lost her baby. The whole atmosphere of the room was incredibly sad as the girl was telling everyone about it.

I believe the surroundings changed a bit where we were all on the bus. The inside of the bus was also foam green. I was on a seat and cramped because of another girl by my side. I was thankful there was a opening between two bus windows because it was frozen outside and I wouldn't have to worry about getting hot. I put my face between the opening and placed my cheek against the cold metal.

The girl noticed and smiled. I pulled away and she put her cheek on the opening and suddenly said "ouch!" I only explained that it was just cold and I liked it because I wouldn't have to worry about getting too hot.

More happened but what I remember next, I seemed to be back in that house with the group of girls but everyone was spread out and doing their own things. There was a girl I recognized as Angela (from the latest Road Rules). She was in a bedroom with a girl. I knew they were looking over something secret-ish. I entered a very large walk-in closet which was stuffed full with clothes and junk. I peered through the other door which led directly into the bedroom. I didn't see Angela and the other girl so I started walking into the room to try to find out what the secret was. I think I saw a bag on the bed but I couldn't do anything more because I heard footsteps. I tried to run into the closet but I knew it was too late because I'd be caught.

Suddenly, Angela rounded the corner and I had to pretend that I just entered the room to scare her by lunging at her with my hands spread out to frighten her. She was startled and I was amused - and relieved that she didn't suspect a thing.