Just some stomach virus hallucinations #1

Date of dream: Sunday, November 24, 2002

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I ate way too much ravioli last night. It now feels like I have a stomach virus. It's hard to peacefully sleep when it feels like you are filled with pus.

The only things I remember dreaming about last night was a fractured narrative involving a wooden shack/hotel. I was hiding in it. My mom was trying to show me some things in a catalog she wanted to order for me. I ran up to the top floor of the shack, and it was a room made of old rotten wood. It smelled like whisky. My mom showed me a page in the catalog. She wanted to order ten pairs of glasses for me that were in the shape of animals. I knew they wouldn't fit me. Later, I kept thinking I was awake. The room scared me. Even though I was asleep, I would fall out of the dream as if waking, and could see the room through my eyelids. The window/door area gave me an uncomfortable feeling.

Today I lay for hours on my bed after class. I had some semi-dreamlike visions. One of them involved sitting in a bathroom, flushing a toilet. I flushed the toilet and it filled with water, almost to the top. I flushed it again, and the water almost overflowed. The third time I flushed it, the water overflowed and it scared me. I went to get a towel.

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    Date of dream: Thursday, November 21, 2002

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    I was having a good time in another dream when all of a sudden I was dropped into another environment. Suddenly, I was in a school building. Throughout the dream, things seem to jump ahead, like as if it were a video tape being fast forwarded.

    Students were buzzing all around trying to get to class. The building was like a human aunt hill- built of concrete block painted light yellow. There were all sorts of stairways and passages and ladders and even fireman poles. It was crazy! There were no windows either- I felt deep inside of the building, I could have been underground for all I knew. Flourescent lights hidden in a recession lined the corridors. I climbed up a ladder as a boy was trying to climb down. I bumped into a lot of people. I felt hurried. But, there was really nowhere I was supposed to go. So, I calmed down and decided to see if I could make it to the top floor.

    I went up a series of stairways and finally met a window. It was daytime outside. There were less students upstairs. Finally, I was alone, roaming comfortable hallways lit by the sunight from the windows, my feet screeching on the speckled linoleum floor. The doors were wooden and they looked rather old. They contrasted with the yellow concrete block of the walls. The classrooms were locked. Some door had numbers on them, some didn't. Eventually, I found myself on the top floor, in an enormous carpeted room with a huge window that exposed the campus.

    The next thing I know, I was in the front lawn of the campus, looking up at the building I was just in. The building was tall and menacing, with tiny windows accept for the big one at the top. Despite it's starkness, it had an old look to it, like it was built in the early teens. I noticed my surroundings, and it was a poorly landscaped lawn that looked like many students had trampled over it. A girl was with me, and she is similar to my friend Mindi, although younger. We noticed that there were gravestones sticking out of the grass. "This must be the school graveyard" she said. I was sitting on the grass, and noticed what appeared to be a grave that had been grown over. We yanked the grass up and I remember placing the sod over a bare spot of dirt on another part of the lawn that was near a small stream. After clearing the dirt away, we saw that it wasn't a gravestone, but something else. It said "1917 this building was built against it's will. Beware!" It also said something else of warning, like "here you will find evil, there is no escape".

    Suddenly, the both of us were upstairs on the top floor. There were some other kids with us. We weren't human though- we were like cartoon animal/people. This made things rather uncomfortable. One of them, someone who looked like a hedgehog girl, was trying to catch us and she had gone insane and wanted to kill us one by one. Later on, I found out that she was actually me, but somehow had separated so that I was two characters at once. So, Mindi was now a cat, and I was a bear- and a boy who was some wierd lizard thing along with another boy who was a jackal were trying desparatey to hide from the hedgehog girl, and to escape from the building. But, the building was so maze like that we had to constantly be hiding and trying to find the exit at once. We could hear her screaming at us and calling for us. We heard her catch the jackal boy and heard horrible screams. I was so scared, and I wanted to hide from her right away. Fortunatley, the cat knew the building better than I did. She found a hidden recess in one of the walls where we would be invisible to anyone walking by. Unfortunatley, we squeezed in right before she walked by, but it was no use. She could see right through the wall. Mindi and I screamed as she came at us.

    Suddenly, we were upstairs. I was now the hedgehog girl. The other characters were all angry and afraid of me. We were yelling and I told them that I had gone insane. Someone had called the police, and we were all in trouble. I saw them outside through the big window. They had a small arsenal buit up. They were saying things over a megaphone, but I don't remember what it was they were calling to us about, but it involved us having to leave the building. We were all afraid of them, not just me. We sat and watched them for a while. We wanted them to think there was no one in the building to yell at.

    But, the sound of broken glass suddenly filled the room. The police were shooting out the window. They were serious. Plaster and dust and glass and pieces of curtain were everywhere. We tried to hide behind some walls to keep the debris from cutting us. Then, I heard whishing noises. Darts, that somehow could go through walls, were being shot at us. We had to find some shelter that the darts wouldn't be able to penetrate. We went into a bathroom and shut the door. The thick old door managed to block the darts, but they could shoot through the adjacent wall. I told the others that this was no good, that we had to get off the top floor. The large window made it as if there were nothing there. We made our way across the large room and down into the concrete block hallways of the school. The cat showed us the elevator. We went down the elevator, but only about three floors down, they got off. "I know where we can be safe on this floor" she said, but I wasn't interested in going with them. I waited until they got off, and then pushed the "close door" button, hoping the door would close fast enought that they wouldn't realize what I was doing-I've never been so nervous. But the door closed fast, and the elevator went down as though it was jet-powered. As the elevator went down, the numbers were all jumbled. Some of them were three digits. They didn't seem to go in any order. I remember thinking "there must be a lot of floors in this building".

    Finally, it reached the bottom, and an omnious feeling came over me. It was as if something were coming in on me. I knew that I had to get out fast. Somehow, I recognized this as the first floor, as if I had been there before. It looked like the entrance to an abandoned corporate building. It was all carpeted with that grey corderoy type carpet and the halls were curved. I didn't bother with the front doors, since I knew it would be barred/locked and the omnious feeling was coming so close that there was no time to struggle with it (plus, I really didn't know where they were). I went out into what looked like the inside of a really large, garage like ticket booth that had a concrete floor, and saw my opportunity. One of the ticket windows was covered by a wooden plank. I ripped the plank away and climbed out the small opening, leaving the omnious feeling three feet away from taking me by the ankle and pulling me back in. I put up my hands and gave myself up to the police, with a wonderful feeling of relief. I escaped!

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    Bees stinging me

    Date of dream: Tuesday, November 12, 2002

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    I was in an island town for some church group field trip. My dad was with me. Some stuff happened that I can't remember.

    All of a sudden I started seeing lots of bees. A swarm of bees could be seen coming from an adjacent land mass. Someone informed me that in order to live on or visit the island, we had to give ourselves to the bees twice a month. There was no escape from the bees- they'd find you no matter where you went. So it was best to stand still and let them have you. I stood still as the bees came and landed on me. They were everywhere. They began to plant their stingers in me- and the stingers were long and clear.

    Soon, hundreds of stingers were in my skin, but I couldn't brush them off or pull them out in any fear of pushing them in further or upsetting the bees. The bees kept coming so that I lost track of what was happening to me. I was very carefu not to move or smash the bees. When they were finished, the bees flew back to their island- but it wasn't over yet. I was told to stay still until they came back. After a while, the large swarms of bees return and they landed all over me as before, but this time I could see they had no stingers on their abdomens. They came to pull out the stingers with their little bee hands. I could feel the stingers slide out of my skin. One bee had a "stinger" on my cheek- which was relly a hair,and she persisted in pulling it out even though it wouldn't give. For some reason, I heard the "I Love Lucy" theme song during this ordeal.

    Eventually all the stingers had been removed and the bees returned to the island. No sooner had I sat down on a picknic bench, did they return to do the same thing. This time it didn't matter so much to me. I felt suprisingly healthy after it was over with.

    Additional Comments:

    I've had dreams about large amounts of bees or wasps coming after me throughout my life. I am not afraid of bees, because we used to keep hives on our property. The only time I was stung by a honey bee was when a dead one got caught in my sandal. Hoever, I am afraid of wasps, because they are useless and agressive. Anyways, this dream involved honey bees, which I am not afraid of- so I was not frightened of them in the dream.
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