night mare

Date of dream: Monday, May 05, 2008

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Lucid Intent? No    

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A haunted house.

My mother, myself and some friend in a swamp. A big snake comes towardsmy mother. We get out of its way.

Raquel is back. We get togheter butsheisleaving me, she hasanotherboyfriend. She get a car and I jump in front of it. I provoke a crash. She finally says she brocke up with me cause otherwise everything would be too easy, I was too fond of her, I would be dependent on her.

The dream ends with me in a bus telling mom about what Raquel told me.

I remember much detail about scenario, mood, words, but Idon't want to record it.

The whole dream, specially Raquel, was a nightmare for me and I woke up 5.30 am very moved.

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    Date of dream: Monday, February 25, 2008

    Level of Lucidity: N/A     Level of Cohesiveness:
    Lucid Intent? No    

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    . My sister is revealing to me my "manias", things I do, specially with the body, nervous "tics". She shows me something I do with my eyes.

    . I leave a bus and an old ladie in a weel-chair follows me. I help her to get down the bus. A girl, maybe her grandaughter is guidding her. I became friends, helping the girl drive the weel-chair and we get to a restaurant. There are two restaursants in that plazza, we got to the more fancy and expensive one. We look at the food but the old ladie didn't aproved and wanted to go to the other place. I am hapy because I like the other most. The girl is now raquel (my girlfriend) and I say to the old ladie that seh had picked the most expensive one because she liked expensive things. I say that in a derisively way and R. gets angry and begun to run. Actually I only see her back, as she goes ahead of us. I don't see her face anytime in the dream.

    . My cat, Sibila, gives three kittens. In waking life I think she is pregnant. In the dream her kittens are "adult" cats in miniature, like three small "Sibilas".



    Additional Comments:

    Sibila had 5 cats but I decided to raise only three, not thinking on this dream.

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