Date of dream: Saturday, August 13, 2005

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Just set the clock on the coffee maker to 11:11, facilitating diffusion prompts a downward spiral. Remembering "THE DAYS OF LIBERATION" in which all my clocks were blinking different numbers, the 33 always finds a focal point amung them, in the most un-coincidental ways.

One significant major event happened the night at Chester's within 2 weeks of his return from "THE GATHERING" from which I crossed paths with FREEDOM....

An eerie silence encapsuled the house. Freedom was to the north, Chester toward the east, I was in the west and we all gathered in the south prior to "AWAKENING". Strangely, I awoke with a major concern regarding our LIGHTFIELD and checked on the others... There was indeed a breach... Chester was surrounded in some PLASMIC HAZE... I failed to complete a visual on Freedom due to the insatiable demand to exit at the southern door and look skyward. It was at this point that the VIBRATION BECAME AUDIBLE. It seemed to be a MASSIVE SHIP cloaked in a steam-like cloud with THE DRONE OF INTERGALLACTIC TURBINES. At this point the "FREQUENCY"-which woke me up, had become the VIBRATION- occillating my cellular structure... I knew SOMETHING was directly overhead as I stood within the HAZE beyond the southern doorway. This brought back a memory from several years prior that still boggles me. An undoubted case of missing time, a conversation outside a 7-11 in New Jersey. Apparently, I had ridden my mountain bike there around 11:11 PM. I spoke with the son of a military comissioned scientist about "PI" and it's function as an intergallactic reference point. What seemed to be a relatively short conversation, practically hypnotic in nature, he said "it was his time to go." I looked at my watch, [IT WAS ALMOST 6:AM] astounded, looking back at him, he was gone. WE ARE TALKING 3 SECONDS HERE. No vehicles, empty parking lot, THIS GUY VANISHED INTO THIN AIR. He also described a hovering "FOOTBALL FIELD SIZED SHIP" he had witnessed personally and the DRONE that accompanied it. However, this was a nightime sighting for me. Shortly after I coherently analyzed WHAT THE HECK COULD POSSIBLY BE GOING ON, "IT" regressed from a vibration to a frequency, all then disappearing from any or all sensory to the realization I was standing all alone in the middle of the backyard.... But not for long. Chester appeared... as he asks "what happened?" A strange silence fell upon us as we looked at each other speaking with no words. The next day, Freedom asked us if anything weird happened last night because he had heard an odd "HUMMING SOUND." I had actually wondered if just that all of us in the same place may have sent the HOMING SIGNAL.

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