6 is whole but 12 is holier.

Date of dream: Monday, November 05, 2007

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(This dream was infused with a kind of spiritual ambiance, there seemed to be a second layer of meaning hidden or lying just beneath the surface that I was aware of at a feint level from within the dream but became much more aware of after waking I've mentioned more about this in my additional comments).

It is dusk or perhaps even later I find myself in a dim park down in a kind of natural sugar bowl where there are children’s entertainments such as slides, merry-go-rounds and swings. I am sat quietly down in this area with a small group of unidentifiable but friendly dream acquaintances.

Resting on its stand a few feet in front of us is a huge traditional bicycle its enormous and looks as if it was created for a giant person about 8 feet tall, I go over to take a closer look at it. I note that the wheels are enormous and the handlebars look a little twisted almost like horns. My dream friends and I are to try and sell the bike.

A man comes strolling across the darkened park in our direction he walks over to the giant bicycle and starts to peruse and inspect it, knowing this is an opportunity to make the sell my dream friends encourage me to go over and try to get the man interested.

The man actually already seems very interested in purchasing the bike I propose a price to him which is extremely expensive, much to my surprise the gentleman asks me and my friends to increase the price and charge him even more for it (??).

The scene shifts and I find myself in a small cobbled courtyard which is walled on all sides by large tall buildings and apartments, it looks vaguely similar to a place I lived in a while ago the setting has a typical French ambiance about it.

The courtyard has a selection of old garages spread about around me in an array suggestive of a clock these belong to the tenants in the surrounding buildings. Outdoors and in the middle of the courtyard is a graceful old Jaguar car it looks handsome in its deep purple color but slightly neglected with quite a lot of rust on the wheel arches, I walk away from the courtyard onto the street outside wondering about the car.

Apparently my wife has a day off from work in order to go and pick up a delivery we have ordered. I walk past a very familiar location in the town where I lived about 10 years ago in England, I look through the window of a large shop on my way to work and see my wife sat down inside having a cup of tea and a cake.

(This shop seemed to be a café in my dream but it was only when I had woken up that it clicked that this was in fact a bicycle shop in reality, this is probably relevant as it ties in with the first part of the dream).

I’m in a hurry to get to work but I take a few minutes out in order to pop in and see my wife, she has come here to pick up a new couch we had ordered (this detail doesn’t reflect any such thing occurring in my waking life) I pick up a cushion from the boxes where our sofa is stored and begin to toy with it spinning it and gently throwing it into the air.

As my wife drinks her tea and eats her cake she tells me that the postman or deliveryman came to our house whilst we were out to deliver something but as we weren’t there he just left a note in order for us to go to the post office and pick it up ourselves. Although my wife seems relaxed as she takes her break I sense that she has a lot on her hands with many tasks to try and get done on this day off from work.

I consider going to pick up whatever is waiting at the post office myself to help her out (again this little drama doesn’t reflect any waking life scenario).

The scene takes a gentle shift and we now all seem to be sat outdoors possibly at the rear of this café/bicycle shop, its still a café though and I find myself sat at a larger table with my wife and a group of other unfamiliar women, it looks like we are close to a farm as there is a large barn just behind us and a gate leading into a field to my right.

The women are all drinking tea and eating little cakes I appear to have again taken some time out to join them and their conversation. There is something about two of the women sat at this table that puzzles me but I can’t quite put my finger on what it is, one of them is leading a conversation about a man they know or heard about and how he missed a parcel being delivered and had to go to the post office to pick it up.

Apparently the man ended up being penalized by having to pay a fee of £100 in order to recuperate his package, the woman’s tale seems to be analogous to the (dream) situation explained to me earlier by my wife.

I actually became quite lucid whilst listening to the lady’s story and wanted to butt in and say how unfair it was that the man had to the £100 fine just because he wasn’t home, but I suddenly realize what is so puzzling about two of the women sat at the table, they’re both twins.

The women both look a little staid sort of lean and almost masculine with their short parted hair and I have to say slightly unattractive, its not that they aren’t good looking but that they don’t seem to care about how other people perceive them.

One twin, the one who seems to do all of the talking is very prim, proper and tidy sort of like a school mistress in her plain burgundy woolen jumper but her sister seems slightly unkempt and untidy her hair is not brushed and messy and her clothes look ruffled and not ironed she also seems a little introverted and quiet too compared to her more outspoken sister.

I’m just about to show my realization of their kinship by saying “Hey you’re both twins!” when I’m whisked away as if on a dream wind to a vaguely familiar bedroom.

In one corner of this bedroom is an old fashioned wardrobe with two doors that are closed, sat cross- legged upon the very top of this wardrobe with his head almost touching the ceiling is a traditional looking magician.

I become aware of his story and understand that he has to learn, master or comprehend 12 symbols. He has already learnt 6 of these symbols and now has to study the remaining six. The twelve symbols the magician is learning all seem to be related to the astrological zodiac.

Additional Comments:

Although I was lucid for parts of this dream it seems to me that my subconscious was dropping quirky clues leading up to the magician’s story, the waking “Me” wasn’t really aware of any of this until an hour or two after I woke up. Anyhow here are some of my feelings and thoughts on the dream and its symbolism based on its astrological theme:

The giant bicycle at the beginning of the dream with the twisted horns made me think of a bull (Taurus) and the giant wheels made me think of the pans on a weighing scale (Libra).

The array of garages in a circle are the astrological houses of the zodiac, the old graceful feline car is a Jaguar (Leo).

In the café my wife had a teapot at her table this reminded quite a bit on waking of the water carrier (Aquarius) although it isn’t her natural birth sign. I could also have sworn that I saw somebody (a dream stranger) in the café eating a simple fish (Pisces) on a plate, I didn’t make notes for this particular detail but the memory is vivid and strong in my mind. Either way the two sofa chairs my wife and I had ordered seemed to once again echo the astrological sign of the balance (Libra).

Outside near the barn (a place where animals are kept like the astrological houses) at the table were the twins (Gemini) that one seems pretty obvious but I only noticed it after I had awoken.

The other detail that seems to recur is the idea of post and mail and one of the underlying feelings I mentioned at the beginning of this dream was of Mercury the messenger, I guess that this also has an astrological twist too.

The magician at the end sat on the wardrobe (very much like the one from the story “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe”) I guess is me somehow? I guess all of that sounds pretty far fetched but I only realized the significance of the all of the symbols (If that’s what they are....certainly feels like it) after I had woken up in fact at least an hour later when I was reflecting on the dream. It really felt like my subconscious was telling a story with this one!

I’d be really interested to here if anyone else has any thoughts, cheers :-)
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    God’s bouncy blue transit van.

    Date of dream: Sunday, November 04, 2007

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    It is daytime and I find myself outdoors in beautiful green rolling hilly landscape which extends off to the horizon in all directions for as far as the eye can see. I am up on a pleasant green mountain area of undulating rolling hills, gullies and depressions. A giant invisible god like hand is also present up above me and over my shoulder, the giant unseen hand holds a dark blue shiny new Ford Transit van.

    The giant godly hand tosses the van as if it were a little toy or a dice on the mountain top. The vehicle bounces around as if it were a bouncy power ball it seems quite immune to damage and boings about without any harm coming to it. When the bouncy vehicle comes to rest on the mossy green mountain top the invisible hand reaches back down and picks the blue van up for another throw. The godly demonstration seems very positive and fun.

    Additional Comments:

    The above dream was the third of three I could recall although I did seem to have lots of other dreams this night too I found it difficult to recall them all as I was really tired probably due to the flu I still have, the other dreams are mentioned briefly below.

    Dream 1: Pumpkin head & the witch boy – I find myself in a dim unfamiliar bedroom which seems like that of a sinister young boy who is a witch. The boy is present but hidden in the dimness of the room he has a small elongated pumpkin here which he is in the process of hollowing out and decorating as if for Halloween. At some point the pumpkin transforms dramatically and breaks down and turns into what looks like dark grey granules. These tiny pieces float or get pulled up onto the ceiling and start to move and swirl about as if instilled with a life of their own, they look just like iron filings used in an old toy I had as a child where the filings were trapped behind a plastic frame and could be moved about to create funny faces with a magnetic stylus. The granules or filings rearrange themselves into patterns on the bedroom ceiling and then into caricatures of famous people. I see a famous woman’s face (possibly Marilyn Monroe) and then a cartoon of John Lennon wearing his circular glasses with long straight hair. The scene is very striking but feels slightly supernatural and eerie.

    Dream 2: Taking flights – A positive dream where I am frequently using the services of an airline to visit my Mum. I feel quite in control of what I am doing and where I am going I don’t feel the need to stay any longer than I have to (this dream had more detail I feel but I was just too tired to recall it).
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    The Australian scientist’s dog.

    Date of dream: Saturday, November 03, 2007

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    I find myself outdoors in the pleasant grassy grounds of a large one storey science laboratory complex, a pretty woman who I sense is Australian and a scientist at the institute is taking a break and is sat on the grass with her pet dog.

    She has brought a bowl out for her dog to have a drink from whilst she rests. I watch surprised as she takes out a bottle of beer and pops the top on it before pouring it into the dogs bowl, the dog really gets stuck in and laps up the beer quickly.

    An older lean austere looking man with a grey goatee beard and long grey swept back hair comes out into the grassy area and confronts the woman, I sense that he is the woman’s superior inside the institute, he also has a pet dog of his own alongside him.

    The male professor starts heckling and having a go at the lady who is sat reclining on the grass asking her when she is going to have finished the scientific assignment or project that he set her. She tells him that it’ll be finished in a million hours time and he responds sarcastically “More like a million weeks”.

    (I calculated that one million hours is about 114.08 years and one million weeks equates to about 19,164.96 years....this probably doesn’t have any bearing on the dream but I was just curious to see what it amounted to!?).

    In an act of spitefulness the man unleashes his pet dog on the woman the savage dog viciously mauls her chewing and biting at her arm (her right one). Some kind of distortion of time takes place as the woman suddenly has a plaster cast on the injured or broken arm, this cast has a turquoise and yellow motif painted onto it.

    The woman is vengeful against the man so she unleashes her own pet dog and instructs it to attack the male scientist’s dog, a frenzied and brutal fight takes place between the two animals. Eventually the wild blood soaked dog of the female scientist kills the male scientist’s dog and comes away from the fight victorious.

    Two girlfriends or colleagues of the female scientist walk past looking at the shocking scene I can see that they are completely appalled by the dog fight and such violence and aggression. The lady with her arm in the cast seems oblivious to their opinions though and rolls about on the grass cuddling and loving her triumphant pet dog.

    Additional Comments:

    The above dream was the first of four I could recall, the others are mentioned briefly below.

    Dream 2: Cellar cleaning – I am down in a large cellar similar to some of the others that I have visited in previous dreams. I am tidying and cleaning the cellar with a view to renovating it and exploiting its space.

    Dream 3: The dictator’s party – I find myself at some kind of surreal banquet inside a large grand mansion or stately home the luxurious party is being held by an African tribal chief who seems to be a dictator of sorts. The African man and his wife are sat down in some deckchairs in one corner of the immense room in an area which has been created to look like a beach scene it’s most bizarre with real sand and even a little water lapping up onto the false tropical shore and even some fake looking palm trees. After looking at the strange scene which is infused with an unusual tension and ambiance I head off over to where the many buffet tables are with crowds of wealthy people invited by the African chief. As I walk over to them in order to mingle I realise I am wearing a woman’s dress, it’s very noticeable and makes me slightly lucid.

    Dream 4: Getting rid of the robbers – I find myself up on the top floor at a school similar to my old secondary school which is under siege by a group of mixed sex robbers who have guns. They are threatening but slightly naïve or disorganised, I somehow manage to snatch a gun from one of them and shoot each of them. I then pick up each of the dead or injured robbers and push them out through a tall open window down to the ground outside, this act seems most satisfying as if it were the perfect way to dispose of such a problem or threat.
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