Fun With Friends/Unexpected Astral Sex

Date of dream: Monday, March 10, 2014

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Lucid Intent? No    

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So the dream started out non lucid. I had these friends that I didn't have in the physical world. There was a man named Aaron, his wife Lisa, and their 2 children, Marcus and Eppalisia, (pronounced Eppa Lease Ia). Since her name was very long, most people shortened it to Eppalisa. It was a very nice family. I met them through a friend who was in Arkansas. I do have a friend in real life that lives in Arkansas, but in the dream, this friend had introduced me to this family, and we became really good friends. I was at their house and we were just shooting the brease. Just chilling and talking. I don't really remember exactly what we were talking about.

Later, I was with Aaron and Lisa at an outdoors event. Marcus and Eppalisa weren't present for this part of the dream. Then, all of a sudden, the crowd said Happy New Year. I realized that new years has already passed. We were in the middle of March. This was when I realized that I was dreaming. And then shortly after that, I realized that dreams take place in the astral, so therefore I am out of body. So the lucid dream was converted to an OBE. The crowd got into a huge circle, and everyone was holding hands. I was the leader of this so called event. I can't remember what this was supposed to be. But I do remember I wanted the crowd to swear for some reason. I wanted them to say mother f*cker. Beats me why, maybe it was an adults only rally of some sort? Only about half the crowd said it. I was trying to get the rest of the crowd to say it, but I guess they were uncomfortable. Then I asked them to say hallelujah, and they said it. We were definitely celebrating something. But it couldn't have been new years in march. That part was strange. Then, we had like a pronounciation contest. It was about, strange of all things, the pronounciation of February. Some people say it Febyuary and some Febrooary. I personally say it Febrooary. But the point of the competition was whoever said it the nicest would get to join me in doing this cool trick for the crowd. Aaron was the contest winner. He made it sound really pretty. He pronounced it Febrooary, but something in the way he said it made me really like it. So the trick was that Aaron would stay standing and I would jump up and rap myself around his body. It was just supposed to be a cool trick. But when I jumped up and landed on him, just after I rapped my legs around him, even though we were wearing clothes, I could feel his penis against my vagina. It was almost like an electric shock. I was turned on instantly and so was Aaron. We were so turned on that we forgot his wife was standing in the crowd. I stayed rapped around him for a few moments, enjoying the feeling. Then I jumped down and we started kissing. All this time we forgot about Lisa who was standing in the crowd, watching us. Aaron and I decided to go somewhere more private and have sex. We just had to do it. The feelings inside us were building and building. So we went somewhere private, and on the way, we passed Lisa, who was just standing there, but fuming. Luckily for me, this is the astral, so I could get away with this stuff. I just felt like I needed to be with Aaron. I was more and more drawn to him. And I remember looking at him and I felt I just had to live out my fantasy. He had a blue shirt on, and blue is my favorite color, so that definitely helped turn me on even further. THinking about it now, I do feel bad for Lisa who was watching this all, but I just felt I had to have this experience with Aaron, and the feelings were mutual. We found a bed and Aaron and I began making out, undressing each other, and moaning the whole time. Then a minute later, he was on top of me. And, well, u can just leave the rest to your imagination. I was the first to orgasm, and then Aaron was about to orgasm, but before he could, I returned back to my physical body.

Additional Comments:

Well I certainly was not expecting to have astral sex. I was wondering if I might be lesbian, but this OBE clearly showed me that I'm bi for sure. Aaron was good. And although I feel bad for Lisa, it was really good to have sex with him, even if I wasn't expecting it. Hopefully if I see Lisa in the astral again, she'll forgive me. Although in the astral, there doesn't really seem to be anything against cheating as it's the place where you can live out your fantasies. But oh well. It was a nice dream, and the sex, sorry Lisa, was amazing.

Trying Not To Swear

Date of dream: Friday, August 16, 2013

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I had my old tape recorder and it was like this walkman and you insert the cassette tape into the tape slot. So I was recording on the tape about this topic, I can't remember exactly, but I was trying really hard not to swear, which wasn't easy since I can be a sailor sometimes. There are times in real life I want to swear, but I have to watch my mouth. And there are times I get frustrated because my mom is a sailor and stepdad as well, but even as a 25 almost 26 year old, if I swear around them, I'd probably have soap in my mouth in about 5 seconds and I'd be told not to talk that way. My dad knows I'm a grownup, so he doesn't say anything if I curse in front of him. In fact, he's the one I go to for counsel when things get tough, and he's seen a few of my swearing angry tyrades.

Anyway, on this tape, I was not allowed to swear. Mom said it would be easy as I don't like to swear and I use excellent vocabulary. She couldn't be more wrong. Yes, I have good vocabulary, and I will use it when necessary, but I am a sailor as fowle mouth as they come, especially when I'm angry. For instance, let's say in school they took something out of the cariculum that you liked doing it. That would warrent swearing. I had to say stuff like dang it, they changed the cariculum again. But when I'm furious, it's more like ah, those damn mother fuckers changed the fucking cariculum. And to make matters worse, this guy would ask me questions. Like what do u call dog shit? And I'd be like dog shit. I mean dog poop. It was so hard, and I lost the challenge. My mother was shocked to learn her daughter was a sailor.

Additional Comments:

It was pretty interesting having this dream because in real life, I'm actually pretty good at watching my mouth if I need it. I had another dream to do with swearing and recording, but it's different, so I'll post it separately.

My Old High School

Date of dream: Thursday, April 11, 2013

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I had a dream I was back in high school again, even though I'm 25 years old, tha should have made me lucid since I graduated 7 years ago. But strange things happen in the astral. And I had to take 2 classes. The first one I believe was either some kind of science or math class, and it was with a female teacher. I believe her name was Rachel. Then, I had English and soul making, that was the name of the class with Pastor Bob as my teacher. But my mom was making me take that class and I'm an accultist. I was raised catholic but a lot of what the catholics do and with some things in the bible I don't agree with, I've become an accultist. I study the astral. I don't believe in this whole you will be eternally damned if you're not Christian stuff. I do believe there's a God and maybe a Jesus, I don't deny that, but I see things from a different perspective, which wouldn't go over well with Pastor Bob. He is a holy roller. A huge stickler to the bible and accultism according to him is the work of satan. But sadly a lot of people think it is the work of Satan, which it isn't. My belief is that as long as you are a really good person with good intentions, you will live in the higher astral planes or realms, aka heaven. But if you're bad, you'll be confined to the lower planes which are dismal and lonely. That kind of belief and that kind of picture is not what Pastor Bob wants us to have in our heads. I wanted to write an essay about the astral, but Pastor Bob wouldn't like it. So I had to pretend I believed and agreed with what he was saying and go to his class. For being a pastor, I'm really surprised at his biggitry. I would think pastors help people and pray for them and accept them. But Pastor Bob was a biggit. Anyone who wasn't Christian, in some form, Christian, Methodist, Catholic, etc. would all rot in hell and not welcome in his class. Oh, and if you were gay or lesbian, forget it. Pastor Bob only selected a certain type. What he said was law and you had to agree with it or pretend to agree with it to be in his class. If I had become lucid, I would have told him he was a biggit. And I would have shown him what he's doing and where he's at. I'm not afraid to stand up for what is right, and I don't like biggitry. So he would have heard it from me. The female teacher was nice though and we had a nice class. Oh, I forgot in the dream, my high school added a third floor, and my schedule said Pstor Bob was in C315. I had to stop a girl in the hallway and get help from her to get to his class. Rachel was on the first floor. Then I woke up