Atomic Birthday Party

Date of dream: Saturday, April 19, 2008

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The dream started out, being my birthday, I would guess my twenty first, since I will turn 21 in late May. It started out at my grandmother's house, and we were having an argument over what I wanted for my birthday. Cake or Pizza. I guess pizza was the verdict, because she muttered pizza and went into the basement and started filling a bucket up with water. I then found myself in the basement and saw a table with a box filled with some sort of collectibles.

They were oddly shaped, one of them I can remember being a coat of arms and having a C on it. They were bright gold. Then suddenly my mother and brother appeared next to me and we were looking through them. My brother said something about me hiding these from him for all these years, and now finally showing them to me.

The next segment was just my mother, my brother had gone somewhere and she was singing, I don't remember much after that.

The second half of the dream started outside, there was a large gathering of my family and relatives, I can remember seeing their faces, there was a river with water running through the yard with a boat. This was a rather large boat. Suddenly I was on the boat and it sank.

Someone told me there was a nuclear device on the boat and it would blow in a few hours, so I said I was going to leave. I found myself in the upstairs guest room of my grandmothers house picking up items and putting them into a sack for me to take. I remember picking up some underwear, jeans and a case of pop.

After that, I hit the road and remember coming across two people I have never seen before, talking out a movie, like a ninja type movie and were acting it out while walking with me. I was walking down a familiar road, it was the road that you would go to get to my grandmothers house, but I was heading away, not towards her house.

Additional Comments:

I will note, that several days before my birthday approaches each year, I do have a dream regarding my birthday. Also as with a lot of my dreams, my family plays a key role.

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