Weight issues

Date of dream: Saturday, February 11, 2012

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I was at the gym working out, and a woman in white came over and stood next to me. I asked her why I felt so tired, and she replied that it was because I was carrying around too much weight. She held out two bags that represented the amount of extra weight Iwas carrying and handed them to me. They were heavy, and I realized then, the strain I was putting on my body. She showed me one of my old modeling pictures and asked me how I felt. I started to cry. I was embarrassed that I had gained weight and feeling despondent over how I would lose it. She smiled and told me to heal myself inside, and the rest would follow.

Dream change - I was at my Grandmother's old house. She was putting her halloween stuff away and I was sad because I had the feeling the next time I saw them, she would no longer be alive. A baby girl crawled into the room and I picked her up. I called her my neice, though I do not have an infant neice at this time. A man grabbed her and tried to walk off with her, but I stopped him. He was some kind of (sorcerer?) but he was dark, and he had planned to hurt her. He kept trying to reassure me that they meant no harm, but I knew better. His robes gave him away. I took my neice somewhere safe and was amazed at the sudden fierceness I was feeling. I didn't like it at all, but a voice told me that it was necessary for my growth.

Additional Comments:

I have been beating myself up this past week, because I missed my workouts at the gym because I was sick. So, I'm thinking this is just me working through that.

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