riding the man

Date of dream: Tuesday, April 01, 2008

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i'm in the hallway of some kind of school.. there are lots of people moving around, some of them familiar, some not. we're there for some kind of study, like a big experiment, and i am figuring out that i am somehow the 'guest of honor.'

the experiment is a groundbreaking sort of virtual reality study on visual/brain stimulation, and physical body response and for whatever reason, i have volunteered to be the subject. for this reason, everyone else is being very kind to me, and treating me like they are in awe. I look up and see DK (guy who had a crush on me in college) his hair is long and full, and he looks pretty much the same. we have one of those rambling 'what have you been doing all these years conversations. he's really happy to see me, and follows me around for awhile. it starts getting annoying....

all this time, people are milling around the facility, getting things ready. the assortment of people is really funny...people from my past- old school friends, employers, colleagues, professors... people that I never knew all that well, and who seem to have no connection to each other. they are mixed in with dream character people who I don't know.

one of the dream characters, a girl with a blonde ponytail, comes up to me and is friendly. she suggests that i might want to go pee before we get started, and i realize that i do have to go. I follow her down the hallway, and she leads me into a regular looking bathroom door. I assume that behind the door will be a standard ladies room, with stalls and such. Instead, it looks more like the inside of a huge industrial maintenence room. there's cinderblock and metal and exposed plumbing everywhere. there are no stalls, and the toilets are big black shiny toilets, up on pedestals.

i'm thinking to myself, 'no way,' and i watch as the blonde ponytail girl pulls her pants down and sits on the big black toilet closest to the door. i really have to pee though, so i walk around the room until i find a black toilet around a corner that is somewhat protected from view.

then we go back down to the presentation room. it's a big bright room, full of twin beds with white sheets. in the middle of it all theres a big metal gurney with heavy black leather pads on it. this was where I was supposed to sit. there was video monitors, and sensor wires  attached to it.

best i can tell, i was supposed to be put into some kindf of feedback loop, and then my brain waves would be stimulated and everyone would be very educated and entertained by this. most of the intellectual territory that this was going into was very sexual, and i realized that that is why these people were acting so respectful, none of them would have the guts to expose themselves like that. I felt a little weird about it, but I was still ok with it. words started coming up on the monitor screen- there would be four chapters in the program. they were haptic perception, compliance, sensory power bases, and riding the man.

i realized that for the last one, i was going to have to have virtual sex with some guy, while all these people watched. that was what everybody came to see. i was turning this over in my mind, when somebody walked up and handed me a little padded moleskin cushion. i asked what it was for, and the lab technician said to put it in my crotch to soak up all the come- that i would need it..... i told him i doubted it, and all these people would be disappointed with me because the guy wouldnt do anything for me. at that point i realize there's no way i can do this, because i have to pee again.

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