two weird flutes

Date of dream: Tuesday, March 04, 2008

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i've been going to band practices.. everything is sort of disjointed and the guys are spending more time talking about what they want to wear than actually playing.. g wants to wear rhinestone cowboy suits, and r wants to wear all black. i tell them i am not wearing a dress, that i want to wear a suit too. they go round and round with me about this, and say that i need to wear a patsy cline outfit. also my guitar has 13 strings and i am having a hard time getting it to stay in tune. evidently a 13 string guitar is a common instument, and no one is surprised that i have one. i'm trying to explain that it's really hard to tune 13 strings and that the tuning pegs are really old and tough to turn, but it feels like a cop out.

There's a girl in the corner, sitting on an overstuffed chair watching us play, and chain smoking cigarettes. she has long, curly reddish hair and is really skinny- wearing jeans. the chair is old light green velvet, victorian style and has been set in the corner of the garage. she keeps putting the cigarettes out on the velvet arm of the old chair. a i ask R, is that your daughter? he looks over and says 'no, she stays there to watch but she never wants to play.

when i walk out to take a break, there's a huge apartment complex across the street. i wonder why i had never noticed this before. i'm standing there, and all of a sudden one of the top floor windows explodes out, into a fireball... i start going back into the house to get my cell phone and call 911- the cigarette girl is beside me, she says, don't worry about it, that happens all the time. it will burn for days. i imagine the entire huge complax in a conflagration. i think, she's right, i don't hear any sirens

shift... i am going to the gig i am supposed to be playing. it takes forever to find the building. when i finally do, i walk in and it's dark, crowded, lots of activity. i can see the band at the far far end of the large room. they are wearing opulent renaissance style outfits in burgundy velvet.. i think 'dammit.' g's hat is ridiculous and has big plumed feathers coming out of it. the whole front half of the room looks like a chines street market... it's filled with chickenwire cages that are filled with all sorts of strange animals that ive never seen before. i peer down into one of the cages and an enormous pale blue, handlike spider creature drops down. i scream and jump back. i thought it was on the outside of the cage, but it wasnt.. the proprietor laughs at me. i continue to make my way to the band, and finally get there.

they have enlisted all sorts of extra help on stage. there's a girl with sleek dark bangs playing a synthesizers, some local musicians i recognize.. they are all wearing either the renaissance wear, or are dressed like bedoin arabs. C, who i recognize from B's old band, as a singer, is sitting next to the nearest open chair. i sit down next to him and decide to open my accordion case. there'sa song going.... at the last moment i decide the accordion is not the right instrument. C is playing a weird looking wooden flute with red velour pads between the wooden sections. he has a stand that holds the flutes next to him. he's playing the one, and there's another on the stand. i figure he won't mind, so i pick it up. even though i can't play the flute. i notice he looks annoyed with me. I play it anyway. After the long is over i apologize for taking his flute. he says, it's okay, i was mad at first, but it sounded fine.

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