a bad dream

Date of dream: Saturday, March 24, 2012

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is there really something wrong?


i dreamed a terrifying, horrible dream, that gives me chills and pins and needles to even think about, let alone write.  ok, was it that bad?  i definitely have a hard time even believing it.  well, here it is.  i have no choice but to at least record it.


i had a dream that i was walking through the woods, along a creek.  i didn't know where i was going, but i was really quite interested in exploring.  i was out just to kill time, to have fun.. well i came upon a fork in the creek, a double fork.  the first fork went right, and appeared to lead into a brighter / less shadowy patch of woods.  the second fork also went right, and veered into a partial pond, sort of.. it was a shallow, less quickly-flowing area that was wide, and very muddy with a lot of downed trees over the entrance.  i was going to explore there, but turned around as it was hard to walk on the downed trees without them bending in towards the water and the mud was muddy.  so i went back to the second fork.  that's when I realized it.  the water after the second fork flowed up hill.  i looked at it rolling over the rocks, sure enough, definitely flowing up hill.  i noticed an orange pipe sticking out of the ground on the left bank with a warning sign, that there was a trans-continental cable buried underneath and should not be messed with.  i felt a buzzing in the air, like an electrical field, coming from the pipe.  so i tried to follow the up-hill water, avoiding the pipe.  but when i crossed the line, some strange sensation affected my mind, and without my comprehension, the sun went down, almost.  there was still some light left, but the path back where i had come from was now too dark to see the rocks in the water, and i had to walk in the creek all the way back.  when i got back to where i had come from, i could not remember who my friends were or what my real life was, it seemed.  the worst part is, after crossing that line, i remembered that this was not the first time.  it turns back time, it erases my memory, it makes it hard to speak.. the terror in my voice makes it hard for others to believe or listen to me, they think i'm crazy.  i knew to keep quiet and try to remain calm, else they stop listening to me again, but i had to try to explain it, but they wouldn't believe me, nor could i get my words straight, i sounded like a crazy person.


it seemed to me, while in the dream, that the dream is reocurring and there comes a point where i am watching a certain film.  i put the film on, but it always stops a few minutes in, after the opening sequence, and there is always something i must do to fix or re-activate it.  afterwards, it seems different, but i can't figure out how it possibly could have changed.  then there is a bee.  a bee that torments me, half-way through the film and will not leave me alone until i stop it.  in the past, i have spited the bee and resumed watching.  that's when the bee stings me.  the sting of this bee is truly terrible, unlike any other.  but i can't remember what happens when the bee stings me until he does.  this time, i ran begging the bee to quit, swearing that i would stop watching.  it seemed to me that the movie player was in an unfamiliar basement somehow associated with ours at home, but not that one, and not in the same place.  but it had been constructed and furnished of many of the same elements, such as the air compressor, and the concrete blocks.  like they were the same source components but a different place and different material altogether.  the movie player was an old hand-crank one and had been rigged to be pneumatically driven by the air compressor. when the movie shut down earlier it was because i had to charge the air.  the bee was living in the air compressor cover, and that's where he came from when i ran away begging him to stop harassing me.  i promised that i would stop watching the video, twice.  and as soon as the bee seemed to keep some distance from the back of my neck finally, i shut the front door on him and woke up.


i was both astounded at the actual bad feeling of this dream when i awoke and amazed that i had heard the sounds so clearly at the end, of the bee eratically pacing in the air over and over around my neck, and i pleading to be left alone, and the front door slamming shut.  i swear, in the dream, after the cable part, i was convinced that i have had this dream before.  i don't remember writing it down before, though.  i will wait until i revisit this writing to think back and remember if i actually have had this dream before.  i'm still a little bit dazed from waking up so suddenly and so early.  it was 12:37 AM when i opened my computer to write.


the terrifying part about the dream was that when i cross the line at the cable marker where the water runs uphill, and the sun suddenly goes down to the horizon, and i sense that something changes in my head and i can't quite place what it is, i am convinced that this has happened 4 or 5 times before, but the mysterious force that alters time also alters my memory and makes it so i can't remember the horrible things that happen.  the creepy thing about this now is that i was definitely thinking about the plot to that horror movie with the owl and the alien abductions, which is a remarkably similar concept, just prior to falling asleep.  i actually feel kind of relieved that i promised that bee that i wouldn't watch the film, and he left me alone after that.  because i meant it.  if i encounter that film in a dream again, i will definitely not watch it.  nor will i ever investigate water flowing uphill. lol.


multiple identities

Date of dream: Thursday, March 01, 2012

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I had these two dreams, between last night and the night before last...

i had a gun to my head, and another gun aimed at the person who was holding a gun to my head and i.  person A was a very serious security guard, who didn't know I wasn't the bad guy.  Person B was the bad guy.  an uncertain and uncomfortable feeling as i successfully force myself not to anticipate an outcome.  I had been running for a while to catch up with the bad guy.  I wanted to take him down, but the security guard interfered.  I was not doing it for any other reason than to prove I was better than the bad guy, but even when I couldn't quite do that, it didn't matter to me.

i was being chased, or perhaps I was leading someone on.  I had been staying in an old hotel in a city, religiously making these rounds.  Once every day as a social experiment, I would be seen fast-walking through crowded pubs and office buildings wearing bright red tennis shoes, making certain never to appear for longer than a moment to anyone.  I did this every day, exactly the same way.  The purpose was to attract attention and inspire hellbent curiosity or even uneasy suspicion of what I was up to.  Many would turn their head, a few had been inspired to follow, but only one set out to catch me and find out.

Then I experienced the dream as the one who was chasing me.  He was an investigator, actually, and he was pretty suspicious of me.  He was no less certain that I was dumber than he, than I was that he was dumber than I.  Inevitably he almost caught up to me, but I was already prepared to diffuse the situation with more confusion.


I find myself running around in a perfectly aimless circle on a very strict schedule.  I excitedly attempt to confuse people until they feel compelled to do something about it.  And when they do, I find that I identify with them more than myself.