Dream within a dream

Date of dream: Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Level of Lucidity: N/A     Level of Cohesiveness:
Lucid Intent? No    

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I dreamed that I was dreaming only I didn't know that I was dreaming (or that I was dreaming that I was dreaming).

I was a surgeon, and was given a scapel to cut into a patient with but it was very dull.  I was trying to cut into the patient but it was doing more damage than I wanted to do!  I demanded sharper tools, and got them, and was able to finish the surgery.  I have no idea what surgery I was performing.

Then I remember being out and about and being aware of the title "surgeon" and "doctor".  I realized no one knew I was a doctor and my ego was in full force. I wanted to be respected and revered for being a doctor! 

Then I woke up.  And was telling someone about this wild dream I had that I was a surgeon but only had rude, dull tools to work with.

The dream went on from there but I do not remember it.  Then I woke up into real life.

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