Nearly 3-hour LD. Galantamine. Sign = breathing underwater.

Date of dream: Sunday, June 09, 2013

Level of Lucidity:     Level of Cohesiveness:     Rating:
Lucid Intent? Yes     Lucid Technique: RT

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Since I've been taking Xyrem twice a night for narcolepsy, I'm actually getting beyond stage 2 sleep now, but it really interferes w/my ability to remember my dreams, so when I found galantamine (red spider lily extract), I had to try it. The first two times, it just kept me awake. This time, it was amazing! I took it with the second dose.

0530: 3g xyrem + 420 mg phosphatidyl choline + 8 mg galantamine

(The dream was pretty much continuous after the false awakening, but I'm going to break it up by change in scenery to make it easier to read.)

* * *

I was just barely awake (or in stage 1) until close to 7 when I went to look at the time on my phone and it said 10 TR, which didn't make any sense, so I looked again and saw 10 PM, and there was no way I'd slept all day! So I looked again, but there was nothing on the screen at all, and I saw my background had been changed. I tried again several times but still saw no text against a changed background. Finally, I opened my eyes for real and saw it was 6:57.

* * *

I went back to half-sleep. I saw Dean and Sam from the show Supernatural and Dean couldn't get the cap of his pen off. (I have a habit of pushing them on so tight that they're difficult to remove later.) I got my pen out of my pocket and had the same problem. Then he was having the issue with his phone that I was having earlier.

* * *

Next, I was signed up for this wood carving class but a guy next to me started teaching me how to carve things.

* * *

Then I "woke up" to find a cat I didn't recognize at the end of the bed. (I keep the door shut to keep mine out.) He had a collar, so I went to pet him. I saw two others and didn't recognize them either.

* * *

Things got progressively more vivid. I got out of bed, wearing the same thing (T shirt and boxers) and left the house, walked down this stone walkway, past fountains on both sides, and into this gallery of mostly nude photography. I started wondering why no one noticed that I wasn't wearing pants.

Walking back out, I felt the stone floor, ran a few steps and it was hard and cold and solid under my feet, but I still wasn't totally convinced that I was awake. I stepped into one of the fountains and tried to push my finger through my palm. It didn't work. I ducked my head underwater and was able to breathe, which confirmed that I was dreaming! (This became a main theme.)

Because I remembered that spinning can solidify a lucid dream and help maintain lucidity, I tried it but I woke up! It was 7:19. I closed my eyes, visualized the scene, and went right back into it!

* * *

I walked down the walkway again where I met a girl* (my perception at the time) and tried to convince her that she was dreaming, too. It was as if she didn't hear me (or didn't believe me, or didn't care). We walked around for a while. I tried to teleport somewhere else but it didn't work. Then we were in a room alone and she told me she wished she hadn't been born a genetic female and I told them I born the same way, and s/he said she could tell (I have scars on my chest).

There were bunk beds on both sides of the room and we each sat on one of the top ones and s/he got out a bong that looked like it was assembled from random metal parts found at Home Depot. S/he took a hit and passed it to me and I held it for a while before exhaling, at which point things got very fuzzy and everything kind of stopped - strange, because it wasn't "real." At this point, I noticed that the most horrifying porn was playing on a TV in the room - two people in these hideous rubber sex doll suits - and I left to go back to the fountains and breathe underwater again to confirm that I was still dreaming.

* * *

Heading back down the walkway, I went into the gallery and in the opposite direction of the room. It became apparent that I was in a mall. I ran into the woman who coordinates the local Fetish Circuit events, don't remember her name so I'll refer to her as D.

She recognized me and we hugged and she pulled me into her store of BDSM equipment and clothing. There were people in all kinds of getups (and some nude), doing all kinds of things, and as we walked to the back, we were joined by more people.

The back wall opened to the outside, and I could see that this was much more than a store! It was like a theme park! D put my arm in hers and we walked along the road, walked right up to the edge of a deep pit where I looked down and saw green water with what looked like barnacles on the bottom and sides. Something was moving, somethig made of these "barnacles" and shaped like a cross between human and octopus. There was another creature, kind of reptilian. D was standing behind me, trying to play up the fear of being pushed in until I realized those 'creatures' below were just other guests and I wasn't afraid of the water, so the threat of being pushed in didn't bother me.

There were lots of other species there (like something out of a sci-fi movie) and the ratio of 'aliens' to people increased as we kept walking. There were pools everywhere, most with dark, murky water, and something like a moat around the whole park.

The group stopped so someone could retie their shoes. I realized I had sneakers and socks so I sat down on the curb to put them on. The group started walking but I only had one shoe on, so after I tied the other shoe, I went and found water and got in and breathed beneath the surface to verify that I was dreaming.

* * *

The rest of the dream followed that pattern. I'd meet people, some who knew me from somewhere but whom I only vaguely recognized. Then I'd find water, get in, and breathe. It didn't matter that some of it was murky or dark.

I got tired of this and found a railing separating the park from a river in France. Looking over, I saw a walkway of pebbles, a 1 foot wooden border along the edge, and a metal ladder to climb down to the river. I leapt over the rails, hoping to clear the walkway and land in the river, and I had that sharp falling sensation (thankfully did not wake up from it!) and hit the ground hard, but was OK.

I climbed down the ladder and found myself on a beach where the mayor was cutting the ribbon to officially open this new beach. Then everyone was running forward and swimming. I walked into the ocean and walked along the bottom of it. It was quiet, and so weird to see everyone swimming above. At the other side, some kids were underwater as well and there was some big, black inflated thing that we were trying to deflate. I explained surfing to a Canadian. Then I swam to the surface.

* * *

It was like breaking the surface of a pool, where I climbed out onto a tile floor. Jade was there (an ex from high school). S/he had pieces of fruit that s/he was distributing to a group of people, they traveled in a pack as nomads, and I held the plate while s/he counted it out.

* * *

Then I decided I wanted to leave this whole place and go somewhere else entirely, but I didn't know how to teleport. I didn't want to close my eyes and spin and expect to see a new place when I opened them because I didn't want to wake up again from it, so I walked until I found a large, very deep, dark body of water. People were swimming along the surface, but I also saw a lot of people walking along the bottom and wondered if they were all lucid dreamers, too!

So I dove in and walked, talked to a few people but they didn't seem to realize that they were dreaming. I shouted twice to see if anyone could hear my underwater but I could barely hear myself. I found two guys around my age and we were discussing feminism (one was also a feminist, one didn't understand it). When we got to the end and climbed out, a psychiatrist had us all fill out this thing. The questions didn't make sense. She said I was schizophrenic but I didn't believe it.

* * *

I realized I was still in the mall, but a different area of it. There was a display of edible socks and I stopped to look at them, was going to buy one for my dad who's diabetic when I heard a cat at my feet and looked down to see Fox tangled up in light blue string. I kneeled down to untangle him, and he turned into Chino, so I untangled Chino.

* * *

Continuing on the walkway, I found myself back in the gallery area where my mom was in a room beside a sink with one of my sister's friends who had this orogastric tube and it had a worm in it. They wanted me to remove it because I'm an RN but worms creep me out and I'd never seen the apparatus that was at the end of it before, had no idea how it worked.

When they unplugged it, there was this thick white discharge. Then I "saw" a vision (the same way I'd see a memory) of her getting treatment for it from her doctor and knew it happened occasionally, and there were meds she needed to take after it was removed, so I advised that she see her doctor about it.

* * *

I left to find more water and found the fountains from the beginning of the dream. I got in and breathed underwater to confirm that I was still dreaming. I started talking to an androgynous stranger. S/he was naked and we walked over to a pool by the wall, and the wall had these beautiful painted tiles, some with Hebrew text. S/he wanted to make out, but I said, "You're dreaming! We're both dreaming!" and s/he said, "That would be a waste of a lucid dream," and I said, "I know, I agree!"

At that point, I don't remember if I woke up on purpose or if I just woke up. I checked the time on my phone and saw that I'd been lucid dreaming for 2.66 hours straight.

Additional Comments:

Breathing underwater has always been my most reliable reality check, though probably the most dangerous one if I try it while I'm awake! Electronics not working correctly is also a pretty good, consistent indicator, one that I should've recognized right away when my phone wasn't working right.

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    Add'l Emotions

    Mushrooms in the backyard. Semilanceatas, amanitas.

    Date of dream: Tuesday, February 28, 2012

    Level of Lucidity: N/A     Level of Cohesiveness:     Rating:
    Lucid Intent? No    

    This dream has been viewed 209 times.

    Grr. I woke up to a phonecall and now patches are vivid and the rest is vague.

    I went to the sliding glass door in the kitchen that opens to the backyard. It was evening or early morning, and it was raining, but I saw that there were lots of mushrooms in the backyard. Knowing that psilocin/psilocybin is water solube, I knew I had to go out and collect them, though I didn't really want to get wet.

    Outside, the colors were vivid and it was actually a beautiful scene. The mushroom patches were like rivers, the way they'd popped up in lines. There were a lot of mushrooms with gold caps, but the stems were gold as well and while they looked like semilanceatas I couldn't make a positive identification, so I left them alone. Near the fence, there was a lovely patch of amanita muscaria (the red with white spots). I didn't know if their active alkaloids are water soluble but I decided to harvest them to encourage a second flush. They were large with thick stems. I was able to get both hands around the base of the biggest. A few were still in the pinning stage.

    There was a little girl running through the backyards in the neighborhood. As she opened the gate to go through mine, my vision briefly switched to her perspective. We talked for a while. I don't remember the content of the conversation, but something about her was very unnerving. I have a strong feeling that she represented part of my childhood.

    In a later scene, I was on the phone with my wife and she was telling me to call when I was heading home. I was trying to get off the phone because I had very little battery left and it died while I was trying to tell her that.

    Additional Comments:

    I fell asleep with my phone in my hand while looking up information on it about propagating peppers from cuttings. There were a few times during the night that I woke up and saw the phone in my hand through closed eyes while falling back asleep. I'm marking this as a recurrent dream because of the frequency that mushrooms and plants have been appearing in them.

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    psilocybe semilanceata
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    Precognitive hypnopompic (semi-lucid) dream.

    Date of dream: Wednesday, December 21, 2011

    Level of Lucidity:     Level of Cohesiveness:     Rating:
    Lucid Intent? No    

    This dream has been viewed 258 times.

    Dreams were vivid but memory of them is vague. Strange, convoluted plot so even if I were to try to record what I remember, it wouldn't make much sense.

    HOWEVER, I woke from a dream slowly and as I was coming out of the dream, I checked my e-mail on my phone and saw a message about a job offer. I thought, "Should I apply to it or should I wake up? If I wake up, I have to turn the job down." Then I realized that if it was a real job offer, it would be on my phone when I woke up still. I woke up and checked my e-mail and actually had a job offer.

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