International people, lucidity, surgery.

Date of dream: Tuesday, July 31, 2007

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I dreamed there were two new students in one of my classes, a girl from Cambodia and a guy from Puerto Rico. I performed surgery on his chest right there in the classroom even though I wasn't licensed to do so. No one noticed. I caught up with him a few days later and it was fine.

In another scene, Amberly's huge family stayed with us in the apartment and I met another one of her grandmothers who looked like a cross between her two real-life grandmothers. Then I found a hidden room, and it was full of people from other countries, most of whom spoke little English. They'd been there for a while and there were a lot of things they needed. I found the one who spoke most English and got her to make a list of the things they most needed so I could go get them. I didn't understand why they were hiding there but I knew they were in some kind of danger.

When I got back, the room looked different. What was left of the floor was in the shape of a "T", with most of the people sitting along the horizontal part of the "T." Everything else was water. I gave them the supplies and walked down the stick of the "T," then got into the water. While everyone else gathered around the supplies, one woman (Oh my Gd, she was fucking beautiful) swam toward me and hugged me. She didn't know enough English to say "thank you" so she started singing the songs and prayers she knew, but she was getting many of the words wrong... first she said the Shema a few times, and then tried to sing some 80s songs, and then she started singing Christmas carols and the entire room joined in. It sounded really amazing.

The two things I really want to note are that when she swam up to me, I realized that I was no longer wearing a shirt and my nipples were made of gold, and there were vines painted or tattooed across my chest where my surgery scars are in real life. She was also calling me by the name of my character in Second Life, Severin. (I'm not sure if this was a reference to Second Life or the book "Venus in Furs" by Sacher-Masoch.)

I found a rectangular opening in the wall that I could juuuuust reach by getting on my toes and stretching my arms as high as they'd go. I grabbed onto it, pulled myself up, climbed through. I found myself in the house in which I grew up in Texas. I was in my dad's study, and it looked exactly the way it used to. I could read all the titles of the books on the shelves, see every paper on his desk in detail, all the pictures in the frames and drawings taped to the file cabinets. This gave me this really creepy feeling like he'd died and we'd left all the stuff the way it was when it happened. Then I remembered that we'd moved from here 8 years ago and other people lived here. Half the pictures in the room changed to pictures of them, but half of them were still of us and the objects were still ours. I now knew that I was dreaming because of the dream imagery superimposed over my memory of the place. A cat ran by outside the door. I heard someone moving in the room next to the study and wondered if I was somehow awake and remote viewing. Then Jonathan (my brother) appeared next to me and I moved his arm out of the way so I could get a closer look at a drawing on the file cabinet. Then my alarm went off and I woke up.

Additional Comments:

Since I've started these meds (SNRIs), my dreams have become much more realistic (vivid and things that could happen in real life).
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    Date of dream: Thursday, July 12, 2007

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    I dreamed I met Tim Burton and asked him all these questions, but then he refused to give me an autograph because I didn't ask before the interview was over.

    Then I dreamed I showed up to the first day of clinicals but forgot my scrubs and stethoscope and everything else. I begged the instructor to let me run home and get them, and she said OK, but on the way home, people kept stopping me to talk to me and I knew there was no way I was gonna make it.

    My dreams have been incredibly vivid lately, and some of them are incredibly stressful/sad. I wake up in a weird mood. My mood has been very different, also... IDK what's going on in my brain, LOL, but my first guess is that it's the stress from finals. 3 exams next week in pharmacology. I'm starting an SSNRI tonight, so I'm going to try to document as much as possible (I've been so bad about it lately, but have been dreaming a lot of dreams I'd rather not remember) so that I can see what effect this med is having, if any.

    Additional Comments:

    I REALLY HOPE THE SECOND ONE IS NOT PRECOGNITIVE!!! Clinicals start in the fall.
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