A bed in the toilet

Date of dream: Tuesday, September 30, 2003

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As the title says, there was a bed in the toilets. I don't know why! I was staning there with no underwear on whilst both men and women came and went. I did not feel uncomfortable about this, but no I remember, I had taken the underwear off because I had skidmarks on them ;-) After looking for some privacy and not getting it, I put the boxwe shorts back on but turned them inside out (?) and hoped nobody saw them.
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    Ghostly experiences

    Date of dream: Monday, September 29, 2003

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    Ok, not a nightmare as such, but it sent shivers down my spine as I made notes for the journal:

    I was in a room with a friend or two. There was a door ajar and one of us spotted an imp-like figure outside and looking to come inside. It must've been me because I described the imp as being white and leaving what I can only describe as fading white imprint as he moved from one place to another. It was a scary feeling; we all were worried that it might approach us.

    Soon after this and in the same room we had moved away from the open door and couldn't see what was on the other side. I looked up to see the ghostly outline of a pram with a hideous creature inside it. The pram had come over to me and I was shaking it to make it go away but it was telling me in thought rather than word that I had to make a choice, and that I had better be sure that what I chose was what I really desired.

    Probably the scariest dream of the past few years.

    Additional Comments:

    The inprint of the imp reminded me of the special effect on a Jacksons video. It's the one where they move and you can see where they were by the blurred effect left where they were originally.
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    Phil on a forklift

    Date of dream: Sunday, September 28, 2003

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    Phil was asked to get a forklift and meet at an unloading bay in the warehouse. Well, he was a long time gone and it was not till I looked at a photograph on my digital camera that I saw a photograph of him, his forklift and a mass of breaking waves between him and us. The waves were choppy and foamy.
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