unclaimed money

Date of dream: Sunday, May 09, 2010

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as i was waking out of the last dream i had a recurring dream scenerio:  the thought that i have a large sum of money somewhere that i have misplaced.  a sort of fund that i am responsible for, that i am obliged to fill out forms or take some sort of action in order to keep.  its a panicky feeling.  a vision of some office in downtown baltimore which has the records which proves the money is mine.  i'm supposed to have taken some sort of action and have neglected doing so.  there's a ticket or a receipt or something i need to find and then i need to remember the place i have to go to to claim the money.  i keep forgetting about the money, i keep neglecting to do what i need to do to safeguard it.  i've had this same dream scenerio in one form or another (in this intance it was more just a thought process rather than an actual dream sequence) hundreds of times over the past 20 years.  everytime i have this dream/thought i am totally convinced that it is real, so much so that sometimes after i wake it takes me a few moments to re-orient myself to reality- that there is nothing like that in my waking life.


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    the delivery

    Date of dream: Thursday, September 08, 2005

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    i'm woken from my nap by a truck horn beeping out front of my house. (false awakening). i rush up and grab my slippers. i think its either UPS or the street cleaners wanting me to move my car. i run down the stairs and see a man at the front door peering in through the glass. then he is inside the house in the hallway and he is handing me a small box and a delivery slip to sign. i take the pen and look at the delivery slip. but the paper is actually a charge card receipt. the name on it is foreign, looks middle eastern. i say to the delivery man, "i have no idea who this is that sent me this." he laughs and says "well they paid a lot of money to send it to you." i find a line on the reciept that says "delivered to (print name):" and i print my name below it. then the delivery man says something that makes no sense to me and laughs a strange laugh. something like "oh i see now! you want to blame all of the hardness on me!" he is pointing with a pen at a deflated blue balloon that is sitting next to the receipt. i look at him and he has a crazy smile on his face. i say "i don't understand what you mean" and he drops his eyes and blushes, looks embarrassed. i think to myself "he's mentally ill. this is something L would go through with people who don't know her." but then he gives me this secret knowing sort of smile and his eyes are very direct and it is like he is thinking "don't you get it YET?" and i realize then that i'm dreaming. he was trying to tell me this all along. he turns away then to leave and i wake up.
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