House in the woods

Date of dream: Monday, March 20, 2000

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Lucid Intent? No    

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Locations: A friends home, an unknown forest, a centreparks bungalow

Characters: Friends & Family


I find myself in my friends room, we are there with the usual bunch, having fun and smoking some joints. I light up a big one and decide to go to the toilet. I exit his room, but I'm suddenly in an old forest. I'm still stoned so I'm a bit confused, I turn around to see I just exited the main entrance of a big, old, abbandoned house. The whole house was made of wood, but it was so old it looked like it might collapse any second. In the distance I see a door, I don't remember any house, just the door. When I saw it I figured that's where the toilet is, so I went there and entered.

Now I'm suddenly at a bungalow in centreparks, my dad, grandfather, aunt, etc... are all there. A whole bunch of my family is there and they appear to be having fun. They were all very excited to see me and invited me in, but I was terrified because I was still holding the joint*.. I tried to hide it but my grandfather spotted it and called me out on it. But nobody was angry or even seemed to care, the joint seemed appropriate to them. I was very confused by this reaction and hurried up back out the door.

Additional Comments:

*My family didn't know at the time I smoked and I was too young to be allowed.

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