Date of dream: Thursday, June 15, 2006

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I am up town on Main street. My parents are with me.. They are fixing to leave but I tell them that I am going to walk to the football field and watch the game.. It is a long walk to the football field and the game does not start for hours... I dont know why I am going this early. I dont really want to and I dont know what I am going to do all that time waiting for the game to start.

I decide I will just walk to my grandmothers house on 12th st. (this is even farther away than the football field and my grandmother has not lived on 12th st in years and years in real life) I start to think and I remember that my great grandmother and my grandmother have both passed away..

Atfter this I wake up and I remember that my grandmother has not passed away. I am worried about her now becasue she is not in good health and I have not seen her in a while. I am hoping that she is ok.

Additional Comments:

When I woke up I got a call from my mother that my grandmother had fallen at about 4am this morning and was at the emergency room.. She had brokern her arm in 3 or 4 places..
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    Date of dream: Thursday, January 01, 1970

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    I used to have this dream all the time when I was a kid. I usually had it when I stayed at my grandmothers house but I also had it at my house. Both houses had attic fans.

    I would dream that I woke up to go to the bathroom or the kitchen. It is still dark outside and the house is dark. As I would walk down the hall I would hear the roar of the attic fan as it came on all by itself and I would look up and see the shutters open. I could see the blades spinning and the fan would suck me up towards it.
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