Evil sandwich shop...?

Date of dream: Sunday, April 22, 2012

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Lucid Intent? No    

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One time I went to a sandwich shop, and got a sandwich. Everytime you get one, they spin this thing, and there is a small chance that it says you are having a good day. If that happens, everything is fine. But if you have a bad day, then you turn into a gigantic evil monster that will destroy the sandwich shop. They get it built back very quickly. The next day, there was a nice little boy that I saw that got a sandwich. He was having a good day, so nothing happened. The next day, he had a good day. The next day, he was not there, and when I asked the guy at the counter where the boy was, he said outside. When I went outside, everything turned dark and foggy, and I saw the kids silhouette with a white, evil smile I could see. Then my dream ended.

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