Sleeping in the rain

Date of dream: Sunday, April 22, 2012

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Lucid Intent? No    

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One day, I was in my room on my computer, and my dad said "Hey, come outside!" in a nice way, not mean. So I did, and it was raining. I said "Whats so special?" and he said "You can reenact ****insert name of movie here, I forgot what it was. I think it might have been the hunger games**** out here while you sleep in the rain! And my brother was out there too. And for some reason, we all thought it was a GREAT idea. But then, my brother said that we can't sleep out in the rain until we beat a level that he is stuck on on one of his friends video games. So we went to his friends house, and they did not want to play the level he was stuck on. They wanted to play guitar mode. This was not a video game. It was a mode in the videogame that my brother wanted to beat a level on. I thought it was weird that there was some sort of guitar mode, because its more like a cart game where you control a cart, not a guitar game. So we all played the guitar mode, and there was absolutely no way to tell when you are supposed to hit a certain button. By the way, this game was on a PS3, and the L trigger and stuff still counts in the guitar mode too. After we were done with that, I think I got one note right, we played the level my brother was stuck on. When we went to it, we decided I would play. It was easy, and for some reason I did not win. For some reason, we still went back to sleep in the rain.

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