Different dimensions!

Date of dream: Tuesday, November 29, 2011

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Lucid Intent? No    

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I was in my giant apartment building ( i dont live in one of those lol ) and i went down to the entrance of it. no idea how. And then my friend jude had this tiny little house, half the size of an average classroom. I then went in, and he pushed me out. But he came too. Then i saw my brother trying to break my giant purple rubix cube...? I then said " Harley stop! You like pie! ". Then he was all like " Oh yeah " and stopped. Then me and Jude went through a portal to a different dimension. We were at a weird school. Apparently we had to get something, but we were in the wrong dimension. And all of the sudden, we needed a sound to open a portal again. We then run inside the school, and into the computer lab. He then codes some thing that when he presses a " that was easy " button it deletes the file he is about to make, and logs off.. He saves it and opens it. Then he opens some weird super ultra mega super colliding super audio program and pulls this weird circle around. There are different symbols around it, and when ever you move the circle a few pixels, the sound changes a bit. He goes to the bottom and it makes a dubstep wobble sound. Then he goes somewhere on the left and that is the sound. By the way, we had to hack into the teachers account, and 2 people cant log into it at the same time. That teacher was about to log on, and the file wasnt done saving yet. It had to take 5 more seconds, and the teacher was typing in his username! He is a fast typer. Then he says " OH MY GOD WHAT THE F**K AAAH " When Jude somehow puts text on his screen. We start talking to him. The file is saved, and then the teacher somehow knew it was us doing that. We ran out, and Jude starts throwing a football around, while the teacher was chasing us. Then the teacher gets right next to jude, and jude  throws the football in his face, the portal somehow opens w/o the sound, and we jump in. However, we were back in the same dimension. Apparantly we stole something from my real-life teachers electronic store ( ELECTRONICS, HE SUCKS AT THEM IRL, he also doesnt have an electronic store ). Apparently what we stole was a computer repairing thingy, but it could somehow open portals. Then i woke up ;(

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