Sunday Morning, Almost

Date of dream: Sunday, June 29, 2008

Level of Lucidity:     Level of Cohesiveness:
Lucid Intent? No    

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Early early in the morning, I lay quietly in bed after having awoken briefly.  I tried to bring myself to the point of having a lucid dream, but it was very difficult.   I heard the buzz a few times, and felt myself move toward the edge of the bed a little, but nothing really happened.   Once I fell into a sort of dream where I was walking through my bedroom blindly.   I told myself in the dream to open my eyes so I'd be able to see, but when I did that, my eyes opened in bed and I was fully awake.  

Finally after many aborted attempts, I fell to the ground next to my bed.  My cat Phoebe came and was saying goodmorning, I offered her a small bit of cardboard to play with.  I looked under the bed and saw the other cat laying there, next to an airy ball of dust.  I pushed myself up to my feet and walked over to the desk, formulating a plan as I walked.   I would try to call my spirit guides on the phone, yeah..that was a good plan.   I picked up the phone, an old fashioned olive green phone connected to it's base with a curly wire, and heard a chattering silence as though the line was already open.   "Excuse me..", I said into the mouthpiece, quietly so as not to be overheard, "..excuse me."   A female voice came on the line,  "You have reached  *something..something unintelligible*  NASA."   I asked her if I could be put in touch with one of my spirit guides.   She very politely told me that my request would be put on the list and a message would be relayed for me.   I was a little disappointed, I thought I'd be able to just talk to one right then.   I woke up. 

Additional Comments:

1. I tried to change the way this happens, telling myself before I went to sleep that I didn't really need to roll off the bed in order to have a lucid dream...perhaps that's why it was so difficult this morning. 2. It's become either a habit or a tradition to see what's under my bed each time this happens. 3. I had a weird experience yesterday morning with trying for a lucid dream. It involved giggling imps who blew warm air into my face, tickling my forehead until I woke up. It scared me a little and I think I may have been holding back this morning somewhat. 4. I determined ahead of time what I'd do in the dream if I got there, and I really did intend to contact my spirit guides (if I have any), so that was a success that I at least tried to!

Ghost Fight

Date of dream: Friday, June 27, 2008

Level of Lucidity: N/A     Level of Cohesiveness:
Lucid Intent? No    

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I was staying in a huge communal  home, my bedroom was one of many that branched off a large upstairs hallway.   I had interior knowledge that there was a ghost dog, a small black terrier, that jumped on people's beds in the night.   I just knew that haunted dog was going to jump on MY bed in the night and I was loudly complaining about it.  "No way do I want that dog jumping on me in my sleep!"   The dream friend I was talking to about it was laughing, the implication being that no ghost dogs were going to be coming around to bother me.   Just then I caught a glimpse of myself in a full length mirror.   It appeared that an unseen someone was pulling the waistband of my jeans upwards, actually dragging me off of my feet and up into the air.   I exclaimed to my disbelieving friend,  "Look at that!  Just LOOK at that!  Do you see how I'm being carried up?"   I was laughing about it, because it was so bizarre and inconvenient.   My feet were dangling in mid-air as the invisible someone continued to lift me up by my waistband.   I decided I'd had enough and I proceeded to pummel the ghost or whoever it was, beating him or her up with my fists.  I think I won, too!

Additional Comments:

Before I went to sleep, I asked if I could be shown any animal totems that might be attached to me. I don't want it to be a ghost dog!

A Green Fence

Date of dream: Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Level of Lucidity: N/A     Level of Cohesiveness:
Lucid Intent? No    

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It's early evening and I spend quite a bit of time happily arranging the window shades so they're all drawn to the exact same level.   I know that I'm making way too much of a simple task, but it's something that I really enjoy and so I give myself free reign over it.   I stand back and survey the effect, all the window shades drawn to exactly half down over the glass.   The shades on the south and east walls are crimson, the rest of the shades are standard white ones.

I look out one of the west facing windows and see that there is a chain link fence not five feet away in front of the window.  The fence stands about seven feet hight and there is a swirl of barbed wire extending all along the top.   To disguise this monstrosity of a fence, someone has planted greenery that has twined it's way all up through the metal links of the fence and grown up over the barbed wire loops up at the top.   Clever!   Did I grow those plants? 

A young blonde woman slips through the narrow space between the house and the fence.  She's walking a dog on a leash and it seems that Andy has been waiting for her to pass by.  He exits the house as she passes, trying to make it appear that it's a complete coincidence he just happens to be walking out of the house as she's walking by.  

Additional Comments:

Last night I dreamt I was going to have to live in a house with no windows. Tonight, I'm given windows, but there is a tall fence directly outside the windows. I wasn't going to add in the detail of the girl walking the dog, but it occurred to me it might end up to be precognitive somehow, so I tucked it in.