Government Experiments, Werewolves, Flying Mattress

Date of dream: Tuesday, January 24, 2012

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(NIGHT) Driving with my dad in a red pickup truck, we were on our way to some place where I was going to play the drums, which were in the back of the truck.  They were set up back there and the plan was to go where we needed to go and I'd just play them in the back as they were.  We stopped at a gas station and he sent me inside with a $500 bill, because apparently that's how much it would cost to fill up.  Inside, the line was super long, and it seemed to take about a half hour or so of real time to get to the register.  Once I got there the cashier asked me what I needed, and I asked her to give me a pack of Marlboros and a pack of Camel 99's, and to put the rest on our pump.  I went back out to the truck and we went on our way.

At some point my dad ceased to be and was replaced with some other guy, who drove me to an apartment complex and escorted me to an apartment a few floors up and then locked me in from the outside.  A girl was on the bed and a man sat in the corner of the room on a chair.  The girl was kind of writhing about, pale, sweaty, quiet, looking a bit drugged up.  The man told me I was not allowed to leave until he said so and instructed me to get in the bed.  I did, and the girl cuddled with me and began whispering in my ear about how she's been in this room for months and can't leave, that the man in the corner is an observer and guard, and that this is some sort of test case.  She said she was a "permanent patient."  The man spoke up at the mention of that phrase and told us we could do what we wanted short of sex, so after some heavy petting I was told to stop.

The door opened and a nurse came in with two full syringes, one blue and one purple.  I didn't like this, became uncomfortable, demanded to know what they were.  No answer from the nurse as she sterilized.  The girl in the bed told me this is okay, they do this with all the patients.  The nurse stuck me with the blue one in the left thigh and injected it which caused a lot of pain, bad stinging sensations and physical discomfort.  I felt just...  weird, and began to squirm, getting hot and grasping weakly at the sheets.  Then the second syringe in my left leg which, after injecting, the nurse used to tear open a vein.  Weird viscous yellow stuff began pouring out which she collected into a small cup.  I expected this to be painful but I started getting sleepy.  I groggily asked "What is that shit?" slurring, the nurse said, "They're toxins that your body is ejecting."  I felt sedated and passed out, had a dream within a dream that was cartoonish, something about a race track and Darth Vader.

(MORNING) When I awoke I was in an apartment bed by myself with a new observer.  After taking stock of the situation I figured this had to be some sort of government experiment and had something to do with either the study of effects of a man-made disease and how it spreads from contact, or maybe a psychological profiling of how one reacts to something like this.  After bargaining with my observer for a while I uncovered some similar ground to exploit in conversation and swayed him to help me escape.

Then the dream became just really strange when he hopped on the bed and we flew out the window on the mattress like it was a magic carpet.  We flew around a suburban neighborhood, stopping at a restaurant which was inhabited by werewolves and which I narrowly escaped, then off on the magic carpet again over an old stone house that had fallen apart.  I asked the observer, "What the hell is going on here!?" and all he said was, "Hey, check this out!"  He began flipping the mattress one way and then the other, each time tossing me into the air and then scooping me up on the return, like one might see an old biplane do in a movie.  The feel of the gravity was very realistic, the toss up, that moment at the peak where I was motionless, and then dropping only to land softly on a mattress.  It was only slightly scary as I seemed to trust the observer a great deal, and I told him he was a great pilot.

Additional Comments:

The Darth Vader reference was surely from watching Fanboys yesterday.  But the rest of it?  Uh...  I don't know.

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    Gruesome Killers and Knife-Hunting Deer

    Date of dream: Saturday, December 22, 2007

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    Dream started out sitting in a small restaurant. It was the old-style with a counter and barstools, and a few tables with booth seating near wall-sized windows. Best friend Eric was there, and I had been dropped off by my mother I guess. We were supposed to leave to do something important but two girls from one of our previous jobs were outside (Kelly and Adrian). They were all sitting on the curb outside. Kelly was crying and Eric was playing Mr. Tough Support Guy and while my back was turned they all jumped into a convertible car and drove off. I sat down on the curb and smoked a cigarette, angry.

    Cut: I'm walking the streets of what looks like San Francisco, or Oakland or Chico, some neat city in California, during the day. Smoking a cigarette. I suddenly realize that I'm being followed, chased, by guys with guns (without seeing them) so I duck into a mall. It's bustling and busy. I crouch and ride up an escalator which leads directly up to a glass elevator, and sit, waiting and watching the main door. A group of men with sub-machine guns rush in and look around and start spraying the area with bullets hoping to hit me and a few ping and ricochet off the floors and escalator in front of me, the glass elevator shatters, and the men leave. I go back down. A black guy is down there, just a shopper, and pulls out a big rocket launcher/missile launcher thing and first aims it at me, then aims it at his chest and fires. It blows a bloody hole in him and strikes the wall behind him, exploding in a fireball and sending debris everywhere. I was hoping that after he died I would get the launcher for my own purposes but he didn't die. Instead he just smiled at me and invited me outside for a cigarette.

    So we smoke a cigarette outside and I notice a big, muscular man coming towards me in a rush. No gun, just a scary dude who clearly is coming around to see if I popped up or if I was dead from the prior shooting. A cleanup professional. We lock eyes and I run back into the mall and sprint into a mall department store and hide in the clothing department. He sees me and we go back and forth in a hide and seek type of game, hiding in clothes racks, but he always spots me, always just three feet behind me. I suddenly realize I'm dreaming and wake up.

    Cut: When I fell back asleep I was in the woods. I was trying to hunt deer but all I had was a knife, so I tied it to the end of a strong stick. Felt the blade to make sure it was sharp. I located a large buck with big antlers walking with a younger deer and somehow got them to walk over to me. I jammed the knife-stick into the area below its shoulder and the buck fell down, I repeatedly forced the knife into its stomach and upper back hoping to hit a vital organ but it just laid there. I lied on top of it and could feel it communicating with me, not with words, but with thoughts, asking me why I did this, how could I do that, how could I betray it. I apologized and communicated that I now had no choice but to put it out of its misery. I needed to eat and this is the circle of life. But it defied me, the adrenaline kicked in and it jumped up and ran off to die somewhere else so I couldn't eat it just out of spite.

    So I grabbed the younger deer, took the knife off the stick and sliced its throat. The first cut was only somewhat effective, blood was squirting out with every heartbeat, and I cut again and again to make sure it was a quick death. It gurgled and groaned, blood came out of its mouth and nose and it finally fell silent after thirty seconds or so. I as engulfed in a primal state of mind and felt no remorse. A woman I know named Luna walked by and said, "That dog was injured, it wasn't dying, so why would you kill it?" I looked down and it was a small dog with three legs that I had killed and not a deer.
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    Stress Relief

    Date of dream: Sunday, December 31, 2006

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    I was in a house in the woods. The woods around the house were cozy and peaceful, as was the house. It was quiet, secluded and private. I looked out the window and Eric and Scott were arriving in a car with two girls in the back seat that I don't recognize.

    They came upstairs. I borrowed cigarettes from Eric while we talked, smoked. I asked him if he had called his friend about some magic mushrooms (drugs) because my mom wanted some. He said he'd give him a call later. One of the girls went outside for something and we all went downstairs.

    A knock came on the door. I answered and there was a teenager. "Would you like to buy-" I broke in with a resounding no, and he said, "Well fuck you then!" He walked away and I looked at Eric in disbelief, he was just as surprised as I was. I said, "Wanna kick his ass?" He nodded and got off the couch and we walked outside. He was walking away slowly, without fear, looking back on occasion in a mocking way. I said, "Come back here, bitch!" He turned around and I tackled him to the ground but I couldn't seem to get a good shot in. I tried to bring some awareness forward and make it a lucid dream, but as it surfaced I felt the dream changing.

    I was in the Olive Garden or a similar restaurant. I walked up to two young guys sitting across from each other in a booth, eating. To test the lucidity, I punched the one on the right in the side of his head, which bounced off the wall. While he was still stunned, I winded a punch back and nailed him in the base of the back of his head, which sent his face into his plate of food and knocked him out. His partner turned his head to face me but did nothing. I repeatedly bashed him in the face.

    There was still no reaction from either of them, nor anyone else in the restaurant. I exited the building in a hurry.

    Outside a fair of some sort was going on. Merchants selling food, balloons, music in the background. A guy in a costume walked by waving at me and a woman walked over to him and started dancing with him.

    Additional Comments:

    I went to sleep absolutely furious with the world and ready to destroy something. So I'm assuming my brain thought it necessary to allow some stress relief in a way that doesn't actually hurt anyone.

    The lucidity was an interesting twist. I could tell from the start that deep down in my subconcious I was aware it was a dream. I knew if I brought the lucidity to terms too quickly it would shock me awake so I tried to ease it in slowly, but it still caused a shift in the dream. Turned out semi-lucid, good enough for me.
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